Evan: This Guy is pissing me offMature

Dilila didn't come back that evening and having the house to myself with Serena was seriously tempting. I ached for that stupid little date to hurry on along but I knew that no matter how much I wanted it that date was going to take its sweet little old time getting her.

I guess being alone in my house with Serena was nice but it was the temptation that let me let her go home. Even though there were seven or eight kisses by the door before she fully escaped my grasp. When she was gone though I wanted to go after her. I spent the next day aching to just rush to her school or where ever she was and scoop her into my arms.

I did end up pacing around the area of town closest to school. I wanted to be with Serena or as close as I could. "What have you done to her?" 

I let out a heavy sigh and turned to face Alex. "You? Again?" I said impatient. "Can you really not give me a break?"

"She's changed since she's met you" he spat angrily clenching his fists. If this guy knew anything about me and my kind then he knew not to take me on in a fist fight. Our powers were even more effective when channelled through emotions and this guy was really pissing me off.

"I like to think it's for the better considering her future" I said shoving my hands in my pockets and relaxing my shoulders. Alex seemed confused by that. Confused why I was letting my guard down and leaving myself so open.

"Making her different isn't for the better" Alex snapped finally. "She was fine as she was"

I step forward and narrow my eyes at him. "She's with me. Get over it" I hiss feeling the phoenix snap in my voice. Alex steps back a little taken before shaking himself out of it and facing me.

He grits his teeth at me and slips something out of his sleeve into his hand. I see the glint of the black metal before I feel it enter me. Slicing into my stomach and sending a burning fire across my skin. 

My body convulses in pain and I stumble back. I yank out the knife quickly having fumbled with it for a moment then melt the ugly metal blade. The wound this time though... doesn't heal.

"You're mad" I snap at him.

"I said I'd rid the world of you" he snapped pulling out another blade. I looked around quickly then realised no one else was here. I set my hand alight and put it in front of me. Alex stumbled back away from the flames.

"Do you really want to fight me?" I said feeling the wound still unhealed.

Alex clenches his fists and steps forward. I throw the fire at him burning is face. He screams and turns on his heals running away. I stumble to grab my phone and call a taxi. I get myself to Serena's remembering the first aid kit and sewing kit I had seem lying around her house.

I paid the driver for the trip having fallen into a state of dizzy confusion and stumbled up to Serena's door. She answered it and gasped shocked. "What happened?" she says horrified.

"I repeat. You really pick the worse friends" I grunt and she helps me into her living room. I flop onto the sofa while she runs off for the first aid kit. She opens it and begins cleaning the wound. I'm glad to see stitch kit but just leave Serena to it as she tugs up his shirt.

She bites her lip when she looks at the slitted wound. "I can't believe Alex would go this far" she whispered. "I didn't think you could get hurt"

"I can't unless its a certain knife. I thought they were all gone. Seems not and they were just made smaller"

Serena falls silent as she stitches up the wound. I wince against the stinging that pains my body and reach out to touch her cheek. 

"Thank you" I whisper before pulling her to me so I can kiss her. She pulls back blushing.

"Evan, you're hurt"

"All the reason for you to kiss me better" I grin despite my pain and pull her to me again kissing her softly.

The End

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