Dilila: You lied to me!Mature

I felt fury run through my veins. How could he not tell me? She couldn't be inked. She couldn't but... how had she reacted so calmly to the fire burning across Evan's skin. How could she put her hand through it and not be burnt?

Eventually I found Hades. He was sat waiting on a park bench. I stormed over but before I could say a word he put a finger to my lips. "Hush" he breathed before pulling his finger away. He leaned in quickly to kiss me. I would of fought against him but the moment his lips touched my own my thoughts scattered.

He pulled away leaving me senseless and leaving a tingling sensation on my lips. "I know why you're hear, my little demon, and you have a right to be angry" he said passing his fingers along my skin.

Part of me sensed it was so I remained senseless, unable to form a solid sentence. I purred to his touch and leaned into it begging for more. I don't know what Hades was doing to me but it felt like my power had been turned in on itself. 

I felt like I was a victim to a Siren.... the ultimate Siren. It seemed only natural though since Hades was my master. He was the master of every inked being. Including Serena. That snapped me back in place then. "Why didn't you tell me she was inked?" I said pulling out of his seductive grasp. "If she's inked cant you just control her"

"No!" Hades voice boomed out. "She isn't my creation" his voice was like a growl of an angry wolf but powerful. More powerful than Evan's roaring flame. It left me shaking and I stepped back frightened. Hades didn't seem to care though. "She is the Yang of the Ying of my power. I thought I had rid the world of her kind with the last one"

"What is she?" I whispered intrigued.

He tugged off his shirt to reveal glorious star tattoos. They shot across his skin but always returned to a point where they swirled and danced. "She has the mark of stars like I but her purpose is to bring peace rather than to destroy it like I"

My eyes widened. "But aren't you a god?" I questioned.


"B-But... that means..."

"When her ink ignites she will be impossible to kill" he growls.

The End

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