Serena: Exhibition of PowerMature

The fire had burst in to the shape of wings, and I could see his grip on Dilila tightening. I had to intervene. Nervously I reached my fingers out, waiting to be burnt, and laid my hand on his shoulder. The fire did not burn me. I pulled at his shoulder and he came to me, slipping his arms round my waist and whispering his apology in to my neck. I ran my fingers through his hair, shaking my head since words failed me. And then I thought to check on Dilila, the cause of this trouble.

She stumbled, then ran. I felt Evan shift to look at her as she left, but I was puzzled at her reaction. Why was she shocked by me? Surely I should be more shocked, more scared of her? She had the power after all.

"She makes me so angry." Evan muttered as he released me.

"She's supposed to. She's your sister."

"It's different. We can't afford to be angry. It brings out the worst in us."

"It's human to be angry."

"But I'm not!" His fist collided with the wall, and I watched the fire lick across his skin again, down to the fist which had dinted the solid wall. I fancied that his phoenix was flying under his shirt. I could almost see it butting it's head in joy at the rage inside him.

"You are." I whispered, summoning my courage and approaching him. I ran my fingers lightly up his back and over his shoulders, rubbing circles in to them. The fire died down. "You're just the next step in humanity."

"You don't know..."

"I know you're the best man I've ever met. I know that under the seductiveness and the cheek, there's a heart of gold. And it's that which I'm most attracted to, not your phoenix."

He turned sharply and kissed me, dragging me to him until we were pressed against the wall.

"She's wrong you know." He said when we released each other. "I've never been attached to anyone like I have with you."

"I know that."

"But you don't. I could just be saying that. Only I know it's true. I know that I can't burn you. You're different."

"I know. I do. Because if you did want to burn me, you would have already. You think I don't see how hard you're struggling against the fire. But I see." And as his lips stretched towards mine again I stepped back. That flicker in his eyes appeared again, that flash of fire that I'd seen everytime he released me. The muscle in his face twitched, just ever so slightly. It was him fighting the inner battle.

"There, you see. You fought and won again."

"God I love you." He whispered and stroked my cheek.

"I love you." I said. It sounded so sure, so positive. So true. And I grinned in spite of myself. I really was in love with him.

"How long till your birthday?" He asked, grinning.

"Not long." I whispered, stepping back. Just the thought of that day made me want him."Time will fly by."

"I wish." He groaned, following me with his eyes as I approached his kitchen. "Where are you going?"

"To make us a drink."

As I heated the kettle I hummed my favourite tune, and then poured the steaming water in to two cups of tea. As I re-entered the living room, Evan was sitting on the sofa.

"Here you go." I said, placing the two mugs on coasters and sitting next to him.

"Thank you." He murmured, taking my hand in his and rubbing it with his thumb.

"So, what are we going to do tonight?"

"Whatever you want."

"Well, we still have those films to finish..."

The End

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