Dilila: Returning DarknessMature

It was around 3 o'clock in the afternoon that Evan finally decided to come home. Personally, I'd rather he'd stay away. The less he was near me the less I might question him potentially falling with his little witch.

I grunted annoyed when they entered and continued doing my nails. Serena bit her lip looking at Evan who tried to steer her out of the room. "Has he shagged you yet?" I asked plainly. "Once he has you'll be history"

"Dilila" Evan snapped using the phoenix in his voice. I winced against the power. Hades had warned me to not take shots when Evan was around but... how could I not when he had that rag doll hanging off his arm? She was like a pathetic piece of meat waiting to be eaten cause Evan had to give in. His phoenix was powerful. Not only could he burn souls but also reality. He could, according to Hades, channel his power to set a whole building alight but it would take something  big to anger him enough to have that power.

"Well its true"

"No it isn't" Serena jumped in narrowing her eyes and clenching her fists.

"Aww, the little thing gets angry. Cute"

She moved towards me but Evan stopped her. I must admit I was a bit disappointed by that but I found myself smiling smugly getting to my feet. My body stretched out like a tigeress ready to pounce and I rested my darkened eyes on Serena.

"Already under his thumb" I teased. "Has he told you about Melonie? Or maybe Joanna? He got attached to them just like you but, opps, he left them anyway. You've bet your money on the wrong horse, sweetheart"

Evan's hand was then around my throat. Serena looked frightened then. I bet she'd never seen such a sight.

Fire liked over his skin  mainly spurring out of his back like wings. It was beautiful. It was dark. Evil. Mischievous. It could burn anything it it's path.

"Don't you dare talk to here like that" he snapped his voice like a roaring flame. Timidly Serena stepped up passing her fingers up through his fire wings to lay her hand on his shoulder. She began to pull him back... and Evan listed. He released my throat and stepped back moving to slip his arms round her waist.

I grit my teeth as I was forced to watch him bury his face in her neck and mumble sorry. Serena shook her head and passed her fingers through his hair. It's then she remembered me. Her eyes when they looked at me made me stumble back. They weren't just blue but glinted with sparks of silver.

Sparks of power. I turned and ran with my brother looking up just as I reached the door. He didn't bother to stop me which made something it me scream out in anger. 

I needed Hades. I needed to know why this girl had power.... power of ink.

The End

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