Evan: Demon HunterMature

I was reluctant to let Serena go to school the next morning. She was all drowsy but she told me she did it all the time. That didn't really make me feel any better but I wasn't going to make her feel controlled. I didn't want her to feel like I was trying to control her.

She had mentioned liking me jealous as we lay in bed last night. I hadn't been happy about it. If Serena wasn't struggling for money I would have been asking her to quit. There had been several points in the night where the conversations between this Alex and Serena had got a little too flirty to my liking. I'd eventually had to step in because I couldn't take it.

Not the way Alex reached to tickle her and Serena swatted him away playfully. I know she saw it as nothing but friendly but Alex.... he was not being friendly but flirty. He watched her with a slight hunger in his eyes.

I seriously didn't like it. Which was why when I bumped into him outside Serena's school stood waiting I was annoyed. He was wearing the school uniform of the boys school a few streets away and was leant against the wall relaxed.

"What are you doing here?" I said lightly walking forward.

"Waiting for Serena" he said simply.

"Why?" I said gritting my teeth to keep my face calm. He stood up straight and stares straight at me.

He shoved his hands in his pockets watching me. "To ask her out" he says simply.

"She's going out with me"

"You aren't right for her"

"That isn't your choice" I snapped angry. Alex narrowed his eyes.

"Does she know what you are?" 

I stepped back shocked my eyes widening. "What did you just say?" I asked my voice hoarse. Alex smiled slowly.

"You are inked" he carries on. "One of the poisoned demons. I'm asking if you've bothered telling her that and also the fact your kind kill"

I clenched my fist furious. "I care about her"

"You could kill her"

"No, I can't" I snapped back.

"Yes, you could" he smirks stepping forwards so we were only an arms length apart. I really wanted to knock that grin off his cocky face.

Instead, I settled for shocking him. "She knows" I say watching shock rock him. "She knows and she excepts me"

"But she's only known you a week?" he hisses. "If she knows you've killed people-"

"I haven't killed anyone. I'm a phoenix"

"Thats even worse" he snaps at me.

"How do you know anyway?"

"I got a glimpse of your tattoo on your collarbone and saw it move" he says. "My family is a long line of demon hunters"

I burst out laughing. "You gonna try kill me" I smirk.

"Yes, to protect Serena"

My face darkened. "You'd have to kill her too"


"She is inked" I say. 

He shakes his head. "No, she can't be. She hasn't got the marks" he says. 

"She hasn't come into her powers yet and the reason you haven't seen her tattoos is cause... well, you aren't her boyfriend. There near the very intimate parts of her body" 

I knew I pushed it to far then cause he drew out a knife sticking into my gut. I grunt doubling over with a gasp as he steps back. I yank out the knife and feel the wound heal up but now I have blood on my shirt.

"You better run, mortal" I growl. Alex stepped back then met my gaze. His was full of fury.

"I will come back. I'll rid this world of you and help Serena battle the nature you obviously submit to"

He turns and walks off. The bell of the school goes off and I slip the knife into my pocket. Serena comes out and sees me. A smile breaks out on her face before she runs over. Then she sees the blood coming slowly to a stop. "What's that?" she gasps.

"Alex just knifed me" I say.

"Alex?" she says shocked not believing it. I look round and sip up my jacket to cover the blood. Serena steps up putting a hand on my cheek. "Tell me what happened?"

"Let's get back to yours first. This isn't for public ears" I say tucking her under my arms. "You really need to pick better friends"

The End

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