Serena: Love nestMature

I curled up against Evan, feeling the warmth he radiated.

"I liked seeing you jealous tonight." I admitted, tracing the patterns on his shirt with my fingers.

"I liked seeing you work..."


"I don't like that Alex."

"That's only because you're jealous that I'm not the complete loner you thought I was."

"No." I looked up in to his serious face. "It's because I don't like that anyone else looks at you in that way."

"Well it doesn't matter, because I would choose you, a million times. Besides, I didn't even know he liked me till tonight."

"That's because you don't realise how sexy you are."

I blushed.

"Well clearly you don't know how sexy you are, because if you did, you wouldn't be afraid of someone else liking me. And besides, I'm not sexy."

"Do you look in the mirror before you go out in that skirt and the shirt?"


"Well then."

I looked down at my work clothes.

"What's sexy about that?"

"Well for one, they're not exactly loose." I felt my cheeks heat up and tried to turn away, but his gaze held me. "And for another, the way you work... there's something about it that just makes me want to steal you away."

My blush was even deeper now, and I didn't know what to say. It took a few minutes before words formed in my mouth.

"So... 'what can I get you' bar maid things are your thing are they?"

"No, but you are definitely my thing, my type..."

"...You're making it really hard to resist you you know."

"Why would you want to resist?"

"Because we're not doing that remember? You want me to be different."

His face showed genuine remorse.

"Ah yes."

"Maybe we could say... on my birthday?"

"When's your birthday?"

"Just over a month away. Then maybe we could... you know."

"Gladly." He kissed me and I smiled, radiated in his love.

"And maybe then we'll have made some impact on your sister? I feel bad, you know, that she doesn't like me."

"I'm sure she'll have changed her mind by then."

The End

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