Dilila: Fury at HadesMature

"You didn't have to wipe his mind" I said angrily as Hades forced me to sit in his lap as we reached a table within the dark smokey club. 

I liked it. Everyone here was so ruined and recked that I could taste the destruction I could snap into place on my tongue. The whole place was absolutely suited to someone inked. Feeding of the negative energy within this club is was what we lived for. 

Evan wasn't though. He was changing and I'd come to the conclusion that if he wanted to be with someone like Serena... I'd treat him just like her. Like the pathetic piece of being she was. Hades found it amusing how much anger buzzed off my skin when I thought about those two. Thought about what Serena was doing to my brother how he was taming her. Some humans wouldn't think he was tame. My brother would always be a flirt but standing by a girl.... he'd never do that as a true phoenix.

"You're thinking about them again" Hades hummed ignoring my comment about my brother. I turned in his lap meeting his dark alluring, yet chilling, eyes and glared.

"You didn't have to wipe his mind. Wouldn't it be better if we scared him away from Serena? Left her vunerable" 

Hades chuckled and it seemed to cause the whole club to go silent for a second before the music roared back. "Oh my little she-demon" he mumbled passing his fingers through my long hair. "You should take a deep breath. Relax. Enjoy this place. Cause a little havoc. Entertain me"

I bit my lip. I really did want to tip the scales of this club to turn it upside down within a second but I was also annoyed that Hades wasn't listen to me. "What if I don't want to right now?" I said folding my arm.

"Oh, don't place around" he says nipping my lower lip. "I know you want to go play and I want some entertainment. Its a win win situation"

I sighed heavily and slipped off his lap. Maybe I should just get Evan off my mind. Focus on ridding the world of the demon twisting Serena. She shouldn't live on this earth. Not even breath on it. She didn't even deserve a grave six feet under.

Sliding on to a bar stool next to two men I gave them my most perfect smile. "Hey, lads. Which one of you wants to  buy me a drink?"

It didn't matter who did. By the end of the evening one would be dead and the other would of killed him.

The End

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