Evan: My Little WaitressMature

Seeing Serena in her work clothes was... pretty hot. It consisted of a skirt that reached two thirds down her thigh with a little pocket apron and a buttoned up white shirt. The shirt wasn't thick so I could see the faint outline of her bra beneath.

Personally even though I liked the look... I wanted to keep her bundled up in her apartment. I didn't want her going out and see other men's eyes wandering all over. Looking at her legs. Looking at her breasts. "What do you think?" she laughed seeing my eyes going over her. It was a nervous laugh. She wanted my approval. No, she needed it.

I smiled and tugged her to me by the waist. "You look gorgeous, my little waitress" I whispered as my lips ran over her jaw.

"Evan" she said with a blush pushing me back. "I need to at least be some what with it when we get to my job"

A pout found its way to my lips which made Serena giggle with a little cute blush coming onto her cheeks. She took my hands and we began to head out. As we walked she shivered against the cold. So quickly I shrugged off my jacket and put it over her shoulders.

She looked up at me grateful with a little small smile. She was being so adorable that it made my heart race. We reached her workplace and she handed me back my jacket as we walked in.

A waiter looked up from the welcoming podium as we entered and smiled. "Hey, Serena" he said a little to brightly for my liking.

"Alex, your back" Serena blinked shocked. Her hand remained in mine and I wanted to tug her back to me but I knew that would seem odd. That's when this Alex guy saw me. I watched his smile falter and knew that, even if Serena didn't, this guy liked her.

"Who's this, Serena?" Alex said slowly. I saw Serena look back at me her eyes lighting up as she did. Her cheeks flushed embarrassed.

"This is Evan" she said biting her lip.

"I'm her boyfriend" I added squeezing her hand. Serena squeezed back excitedly not seeing the flash of jealously pass over Alex's face.

"Oh, when did you meet?" he asked.

"About a week ago now" Serena flushed.

"A little soon to start dating isn't it?"

I tugged Serena to me and ran a hand over her cheek. "We just sort of clicked" I shrugged as Serena rested against my chest. Alex gritted his teeth then forced a smile.

"You know you can't stay here if you aren't eating" he said smugly.

"Oh don't worry" I smile. "I am. Serena, where should I sit?" 

She looked up at me and then to Alex looking confused. "My tables are over here" she said and led me off to one. 

"What was that about?" she whispers. I tilted up her face and lowered my lips down to hers. She kissed back quickly then pulled away. "Evan" she blushed. "You didn't answer the question"

"You're a very beautiful woman" I say running my fingers through her hair. "You get a lot of attention"

She turned pink and fiddled with hair. "No, I'm not. Don't be ridiculous. Other guys don't like me. Especially not Alex" she kissed me quickly the rushed off. She left me to slump down at my table annoyed. 

I'd be keeping my eye on Alex that evening. 

The End

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