Evan: Don't EndMature

I held Serena in my arms as she slept. I barely did. Sleep did not want me and I didn't want to waste a second of holding Serena. I wanted to memories every inch of her face. I felt a little bad for pushing Serena away but my phoenix was getting hot. It wanted to burn. 

So that's why I slipped out of her bed the next morning scribbling down a note that I had to get back home and I'd see her after school. After a moment hesitation I put a couple of kisses. Leaning across I brushed my lips over Serena's forehead before heading out of the house. The cold air hit me and I hunched my shoulder as I shoved my hands in my pocket. 

What I didn't expect was to walk in on my sister in the arms of the man. The man that had told me about the phoenix. "What the hell are you doing?" I yelled stepping forward.

Which is when everything went black....


"Evan" my sisters voice called. "Evan!"

I opened my eyes with a groan. My head pounded and my back ached which is when I realised I was lying on the floor. I sat up looking around confused before glaring at my sister. "What the hell am I doing on the floor?" I snap.

"You passed out" she explained waving her hand and sipping from the drink in her other after. I groan as I get to my feet.

"You couldn't of helped me up?"

"You've gained weight, bro" she smiled overly sweet that anyone and everyone would know it was fake. I was about to say something back when I say the clock. 3:45. The time seemed important.

"Did you just get back from school?" I muttered.

"Yeah, duh" she rolled her eyed. "Had to leave you there on the floor all day. It worried my darling heart"

I glared at her. Then a face flashed in my mind and I swore. "Serena" I hissed and raced out the house. My head was still pounding but I couldn't stop. Not even the rain stopped me. I don't know why I passed out. All that mattered was that Serena might still be waiting and if she wasn't she'd be wondering why I hadn't come.

She was waiting. The rain making her hair stick to her face. She looked up as she heard my racing steps. "Serena" I said worried shrugging off my coat and holding it over her head. I didn't care I was only wearing a white shirt beneath. I'd stay warm but I could see that Serena was shivering from the freezing cold that the rain had sunk into her skin.

"What took you so long?" she choked looking up at me with tear filled eyes. I swallowed.

"I'm so so sorry" I say framing her face with my hands as she tugs my jacket round her. "I was only heading home to get changed" I look at my clothes and shake my head. "Didn't even get chance. I must of been tripped or feeling bad cause I passed out"

Serena let out a long sigh. "Can you take me home?" she said her teeth chattering. I nod and tuck her under my arm letting the heat from my skin seep into her. I have to concentrate on not burning her and I succeed.

We reach her place and I rush round getting her something warm to eat. I run her a bath and leave her to get washed then into some warm clothes.

"You can dry your clothes off if you want" she mutters. I nod and do that quickly so I'm at least in my boxers and shirt when Serena walks into the room in fruit patterned pj's.

They bring a small smile to my face and I open my arms to Serena. She walks over and curls up in my lap.

I want to concentrate on holding Serena. Warming her up but I can't. My mind is focused on what I can't remember.

Why did I pass out? 

The End

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