Dilila: AwayMature

Evan didn't come home. It left me angry. It left me pacing back and forth across the apartment because I knew where he was. With her. She was stealing him away from him. Taking my brother away from his dark purpose.

Why did he have to go and be good when he knew there was no hope of me being the same? He was leaving me. Leaving me to cower in the dark and struggle against my nature so I could run after him. I didn't understand how he could do this. How he could chose a stupid girl over me, his eternal sister.

I felt the cold before Hades ran an hand over my shoulder and down my arm from behind. His hands touched the bare skin below my elbows and he hummed. Again it was like he was tasting something. "You are growing into a fine little demon, my dear" he whispered darkly stepping up from behind so his front pressed up to my back. I could feel his muscles move and feel his breath on my neck.

Then his lips touched my jaw. His arms encircled my waist and he drew me back to him hard.

"Oh, it has been so long since I've kept one of you little things as a pet" he mused aloud. I felt cold. I felt darkness. My siren loved it. She loved the ice touch of Hades because he was the origin. The ultimate power. 

Or was he? Some deep part of Dilila questioned but she shut it out. "Pet?" I said turning his arms to face him. I pressed my hands to his chest and pushed myself out of his embrace. "I will be no one's pet"

Hades laughs at what I'm sure he thought were pathetic attempts at anger. "Oh, you are a wonderous creature" he spoke as his eyes flashed pure black as he watched me. "No, I wouldn't make you a pet. That would be to tame you"

He stepped up and grabbed my hips tugging me back in. He was rough. Controlling and I knew if he began to really take control my siren would slip out. Not to stop him but to let him.

"How about my lover?" he whispers and ran his lips up over my jaw. "My eternal partner. Would you like that?"

Yes. Yes! I wanted to scream but I held back those words and didn't answer. "What are we going to do about, Serena?" I questioned.

Hades laughed and grinned at me full of mischievous glee. "Oh, yes" he grinned. "You are ready"

Then he leaned down and whispered dark words into my ears. One that would keep me by his side forever.

The End

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