Serena: Dreams and RealityMature

My dreams were filled with moving shapes, shapes without substance and without reality. Colours flew past me, floating in the darkness as though they were part of it. There was a light in front of me, getting brighter and brighter. I wasn't quite there yet, and I couldn't see where it came from. I stretched towards it, but couldn't reach far enough. Then Evan's face appeared; he was smiling, and then his eyes turned black and flames engulfed him. A phoenix flew at me and dowsed me in fire, but the flames were not harming me. They warmed me, protected me, and beyond them I could see other faces, searching for me, but unable to find me because I was hidden in the fire. I saw Dilila's face, searching, her eyes swirled with hypnotic beams you saw in old movies but she couldn't see me either. And then the faces vanished, the flames disappeared, and I was alone.

I opened my eyes and immediately felt Evan's strong arms around me, and my body entwined in his. I felt warm, protected, and most of all, I felt his muscles. Wow. Then I remembered everything that had happened.

"Oh my god..." I muttered, and felt him stir.

"Serena? Are you ok?"

I pushed my way out of his embrace and sat up; he followed my action and knelt up. I put my hand out to signal to him that I didn't want to be touched right now. He looked saddened but respectful, and stayed away. 

"I'm going to live forever... and I'm going to have some evil demonic power..."

"It doesn't have to be like..."

"By the sounds of it, it does. What did I do? Why am I like this?"

"You didn't do anything. You're the most innocent, kind, caring, beautiful girl I've ever..."

I couldn't stand it anymore. Couldn't let him try to make it better. Couldn't let him be away from me...

"...Come here." I beckoned. He paused, then moved forward till he was in front of me. "Show me?"

"No." He shook his head as if to confirm it.

"I need to see it again."

"Let me." I began taking off his shirt, and after a few seconds of rigidness, he let me. Then I crawled round to his back and looked. The phoenix flexed it's wings and it's whole body seemed to ripple. It was beautiful, incredible... "Will mine move?"

"It might." I leaned down and kissed the head of the bird. It was cold, not what I expected from a phoenix, but the bird seemed to wink it's eye and duck it's head, as if pleased by the touch."What are you doing?" He asked, spinning round. My fingers trailed over his skin, finding the tail that lead to his waistband and beyond. He stopped my hands as they reached the top of his trousers.

"Would you like to see mine?" I asked.

"I already..."

"...No, I mean all of it. You'd be the first to see them... apart from the adoption people... and my carer. I've always hidden them. But I want to share them with you. Because... you're like me."

"If... if you want."

I got off the bed and stood with my back to him, and took a deep breath. Then I pulled off my top. I heard him exhale, let go of my breath too, and then turned to face him, my arms by my sides.

"What do you think?" I asked, as his eyes followed the trail of stars, especially the one that went to the centre of my breasts.

"I think you're beautiful."

I blushed and resisted the urge to cover myself, long enough to kneel on the bed in front of him.

"Really? Even with the curse?"

His eyes darkened; pain flashed across his face.

"Even with it."

And then he kissed me, and set my soul ablaze.

The End

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