Evan: LostMature

"You make me feel lost" I whisper.

"What?" Serena said leaning back.

"In a good sense" I laugh gripping her hips and pulling her closer to me. "You're a puzzle to me, Serena. I've never felt so confused by a women. Its always been so simple but with you its not. With you its more. Being with you has almost some sort of meaning a purpose"

"Evan.." Serena chokes out trying to speak but I shake my head and rest my forehead against hers.

"I know its only been a week but I feel as if I've known you my entire life or have sort after you my entire life" I stroke back a strand of her hair and smile softly. "I know how cheesy that sounds but I feel like I'm ready to fall in love with you, Serena"

I fell silent then and watched as she bit her lip. She slipped her arms round my neck pulling  her body closer to mine. "I don't think its cheesy" she whispers then kisses me. God, she kisses me. It's like her fingers dip right into my soul and touch my phoenix.

Its a kiss that I don't want to stop. I moan and lift her up onto her kitchen counter standing myself between her legs. My lips capture hers in a kiss while my hands slide up along her legs.

"Evan" Serena gasps trying to break away but I won't let her. The phoenix needs her. I need her. So I grasp her chin and tug her back into the kiss. She melts into the kiss losing all will of a fight and I can't stop myself.

I can't stop my hands wandering up higher than her hip as they slip beneath her shirt. She almost begin to tug back then but I keep her there by deepening the kiss. I can feel it. Her need for me as strong as mine.

That's when everything goes wrong. When I feel the cold of inked skin. When I get a glimpse a tattoo on her back through the metal of the toaster.

I'm away from her as quick as I was touching her.

"You're inked" I whispers pained. Horrified. No, she can't be like me or my sister. I don't want her to have this dark persona beneath her light humanity.

Serena blushes tugging down her shirt. "Yeah, I-I got them done last year" she whispers.

"Don't lie" I choke looking down at the floor and clenching my hands into fists. Serena shifts anxious but jumps off the counter. She wanders over to put a hand to my cheek and I can't help but lean into it. "Why couldn't I tell?" I mused aloud as I looked into her eyes.

"You know what they are" Serena whispers. "Why they've been just... there on my skin?"

She questions me and I know there is only one way I can show her. I step away and shrug off my jacket beginning to tug of my shirt. I ignore the blush which rises onto Serena's cheeks.

"Wh-What are you doing?" she stutters. I give her the right reply though. With my shirt off I turn to show her my back. I show her the phoenix that flames up my back from my left hip to my right shoulder blade. "You have a tattoo. So?"

Then I feel the bird flex its wings and Serena goes deadly silent. I grab my shirt and tug it back on turning to face her. Her face is white.

"Its called Inked skin" I whisper. "It's a curse that grants the human ageless life from when their inked skin begins to live and also power. Not nice powers though but demonic. I'm a phoenix. I burn people. Their souls... their hearts. I try and fight it but its like fighting hunger. You have to give in eventually. Sometimes though I meet someone and I can fight it"

"You mean me" Serena whispers hugging her stomach. I nod and she bites her lip. "What about your sister?"

I'm glad she asks that. Glad she trusts me enough to not question whether I'm burning her. "She's a siren. A hypnotist really"

Serena scoffs. "Figures..." she trails off and looks down. "You said... you burn. Have you.. are you going to..."

"Never" I say stepping up to her and tilting her face looking down at her with honest eyes. She relaxes and I rest my forehead against hers. "I know this is a lot to take in and I'm not asking you to take it all in now but... you're inked, Serena. When I came into my power I was alone. I don't want that to happen to you. I won't let it happen to you and I won't let you be ruled by a darker nature. I won't let it consume you like it did me and my sister"

"Okay" she whispers beginning to tear up. 

"Don't cry" I whisper brushing my lips along her cheek kissing away her tears.

"What do we do now though?" she whispers. 

"We can't really do anything but wait" I explain. Serena nods then collapses into my arms the weight of knowledge overwhelming her and causing her to sleep. I take her to her room and lie with her. 

Why? Why did this have to be?

The End

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