Serena: Somewhere quietMature

Evan took me back to my flat. There mere touch of his fingers was sending shivers down my spine. My whole body felt electric.

Once we were inside, I threw my bag down and started making drinks for us. When I turned to ask what Evan wanted, I caught him staring around at my room. I blushed. I realised this was the first time he had seen inside where I lived; the first time anyone had seen where I lived.

"It's not much..." I tried to make excuses.

"Well that's certainly true... but it suits you, in a weird way." He smiled.

I turned to face the table, blushing furiously.

"What do you want to drink?" I asked.

His arms slid around my waist and his chin rested on my shoulder.

"What do you have?" He asked in the honey sweet voice that made a burning liquid rise under the surface of my skin and my arms go weak. I put down the glass before it had a chance to drop, and concentrated on keeping my voice as normal as possible.

"Squash..." The first word came out like my vocal chords were being squashed. "Or water, or sugarless tea."

"Squash please." He whispered in to my neck, and I raised my eyes to the roof a few times, blinking to try and sort myself out. My hands were now gripping the table, preventing me from turning round and leaping on him right there and then.I didn't dare speak; he would know my voice was strangled in longing. I poured the squash and tried to release myself from him to fill the glasses with water, but he was now kissing my neck and jawline.



"What are you doing to  me?"

"Kissing you."

"No, I mean, what are you doing to me in the general sense? I've never felt like this before."

"Neither have I."

I turned to face him.

"You? But you're so... you must have been with so many..."

"Yes... I admit I have. But none who have made me feel the way you do."

"How do I know you're not just saying that?"

I brushed through some of his hair and stared directly in to his eyes.

The End

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