Dilila: The StormMature

My skin prickled with anger. Sophie and Abigale took several steps back. Well at least they knew not to mess with me. That girl though. I grit my teeth as I stood watching my brother with his hands all over that girl?!?

It made my blood boil. The way he tugged her to him and whispered in her ear like they were oblivious to the world. Serena though seemed flustered and embarrassed. She shouldn't be. She should be gone. Dead. Six feet under ground. I had never felt such fury. I had never seen my brother turn so so.... I don't know. Look so in love?!?

It was disgusting. I turned on my heels and ran. The Siren in my veins was screaming. Yelling at me that it didn't matter that me and her could cause our own destruction. I knew that though but without my brother there was no one to share the glee with. Those smirks and balls of laughter as mortals tripped and fell into themselves like a snail hides in his shell frightened. 

Humanity was weak. Cowards. Yet still I had seen my brother with his hands all over one. I didn't stop running till I reach a cafe.

The cafe Hades had come to me in and was in now. He was sat by the window and looking out at me with a dark smile on his lips. His eyes were like a demons. I suppose he was one. He then gestures to the seat opposite and there was also another cup of coffee on the opposite side of the table.

Serena. He wanted her gone. I wanted her gone. I suppose that's why I began to walk in. I sat down opposite him and that smile on his face grew. "Dilila Wink" he said my name slowly and almost seemed to taste it on its tongue. My own name made me shiver and it was like he sent something down along my inked skin.

"How are you planning to get rid of her?" I say slowly. "I don't kill with my own hands"

"Oh I know" Hades said leaning forward. "I don't think I will tell you my plans just yet either because I also know you aren't ready. You're not ready for the plan I wish to unfold"

He reached across and ran his fingers over my cheek along my jaw. He drew them back and rubbed his thumbs over his fingers like he was feeling something. 

"No, your emotions... they aren't angry enough. You still cling to that drasted brother of yours. I must admit he would be useful to keep but you need to be willing to let him go if you're gonna deal with the likes of me"

My brother.... I had to give up on Evan to get rid of the one I was losing him to. It didn't make any sense in my mind and I suppose that's what Hades was trying to tell me. I wasn't ready to start treating this situation as I treated other human destruction. Like just another bit of fun.

The End

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