Evan: BurnMature

Dilila began acting odd after Serena came round. I asked her about it that Sunday but she said it was nothing. I knew it wasn't. She was on the verge of exploding into a angry rant... So I let her be.

I spent Sunday evening texting Serena. Her cute and little delayed replied left me knowing I had left her blushing. She was all that was on my mind. I guess that's why after school on Monday I stood waiting by the gate having been an idiot and arrived an hour early. Serena was surprised when she says me but the little smile that tugged at her lips allowed me to know she was happy all the same. 

"What are you doing here?" she asked coming over seeing girls left and right shoot daggers at her with their eyes.

I barely noticed then. Serena was all that mattered in what I saw. So that was why I didn't give her a reply. Instead, I slipped an arm round her waist tugging her to me and tilted her chin up with my other hand so I could lower my lips down to her.

My eyes closed of their own accord enjoying the feel of her lips as they molded to mine. I hummed pleasantly and didn't release her till I knew we both needed air. Serena's hands were on my chest and gripped at the fabric of my shirt like they were the only thing keeping her grounded. 

I knew I had accidentally let a bit of the phoenix flame slip as I had kissed her this time because unlike before her cheeks were flushed while the rest of her skin a little more pale. All her energy was focused on me for a few minutes after the kiss had broken.

"I had missed you" I told her my voice rough and I slipped my other arm round her waist now with the other as my lips skimmed up along her jaw.

"E-Evan" she stuttered pushing back a little. Her back arched so she still remained in my arms but her arms kept a barrier between us so my lips could not touch hers. It was torture for me to be even a little distance from her as I felt my phoenix begin to hum.

It wanted to burn. It wanted to allow the flames to slip into Serena's soul and capture it. The feeling was different. My phoenix never wanted to keep something. It wanted to burn free but now I felt as if all it wanted was Serena which made me happy.

My powers were becoming tame.

"We're outside me school" Serena spoke again bringing me back to reality. I smiled slowly a reached up to run a thumb over her cheek.

I wish I could tell her. Share with her just how happy I was and what it meant. It meant that I didn't have to move on. Couldn't move on.

"I'm sorry" I lean down to whisper in her ear. "Maybe we should go somewhere more private"

"Evan" Serena blushed again.

"Don't worry" I laughed pulling back but brushing my lips over hers as I did. "I wont push you"

I knew my phoenix wanted to but for once in my life I could control the flames. For once in my life it didn't hunger to leave the girl I held in my arms burned but fiery with passion. 

The End

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