I smiled at myself in the mirror. Somehow I seemed older, more mature, and a little bit better looking. I couldn't work out whether it was because of the joy across my face, or because I was dating a god of a man, but either way, I think I was winning. I pulled back my hair in to a pony tail and slipped on my milkshake parlour uniform.


Milkshake days.

The morning filled with selling milkshakes, the evening spent working at the restraunt. Two hours in between to catch up on work. I was ready.

As I ran downstairs, I couldn't keep the smile off my face. Evan.

His name whispered through my mind like a warm summer breeze.


I bit my lip and giggled, then went through the door to the milkshake place and waved to the manager- Steph.

"Hey Steph, I'm here."

"You're early. Why are you early? You live upstairs!" She grinned and threw me my apron. "There you go. I'm just cleaning the tables."

"Alright." I tied the apron round my waist and set to cleaning the counter.

The bell rang as our first customer entered the shop.

The milkshake parlour was always busy on a sunday, mainly because there was no where to go in the town except there, so I got quite good pay. And I didn't mind doing sunday shifts, because I had nothing else to do. Or I hadn't, until Evan came along.

Three hours later and I was practically dead on my feet from running round. I took my break and sat behind the bar for a sandwhich and a shake. It was one in the afternoon. I had two more hours till the shop shut, then two more hours till I had to leave to be at the restraunt for half five. What a busy day!

I grinned at Steph who was arguing with one of my class mates about the price of the shake. I don't know why anyone bothered to argue with her anymore- she always got what she wanted.

Shift over, and I climbed upstairs and collapsed on to my bed. I pulled out my revision notes for tuesdays test, and began to revise. It was hard to concentrate though, because all I could think of was Evan.



The End

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