Evan: LipsMature

I could still feel Serena's lips on mine as I tried to sleep. Sleep wouldn't come to me. It would have if she were here. I wish she had stayed the night I wouldn't of pushed her to do anything. I wasn't ready for that either yet but to just hold her in the night would of been a dream.

Speaking to her about my past though had reminded me what I had done to women. Dilila and I always seemed much closer during those times and it was only when I found someone worth caring for like Serena did I feel bad.

Serena felt even more different though. I don't know if I could even leave her like the rest. She meant so much to me and I barely knew her. I feel something tingle not only along my skin but my inked skin which... which shouldn't happen. The moment my powers activated that skin wasn't mine anymore. It belonged to my power.

Back to Serena though... She was more special. Much more special than any of those girls. She remembered the first girl he lured in with her powers.


I feel my marks burning. I hadn't told Dilila what the marks we had were. I was worried about her birthday coming up. Would she come into hers? I don't know this curse didn't seem to fuss about age.

That wasn't why I was here though. I was looking for someone. My powers wanted to lure. To lure in a girl. I felt the need to spread my flames along their skin and pull back leaving them burnt. Then I saw the girl. The right girl. I knew because my inked skin began to hum happily.

"Go get her" the man who had brought me here chuckled in my ear. I didn't know his name. All I did know is he had saved me from insanity. I wouldn't know what to do had he not tugged me here.

I couldn't help but smile as I slipped off the bar stool and got to my feet. I strode over to the girl. She looked pained. Broken. She was slumped forward staring down at her glass with almost tears in her eyes. "Are you okay?" I whispered in her ear before taking the seat next her. She blinked looking at me with wide eyes. 

"No-Yes-I don't know" she said jumping from word to word before admitting the truth. She didn't know how she felt. I reached out and stroked her cheek.

"You could tell me what's wrong" I whisper slowly. She bit her lip then words tumbled out. Word after word. I nodded and listened and frowned when it was required. 

Soon though we were at hers. I press her hard up to a wall my lips hungrily seeking hers as my skin began to turn hot. My phoenix reached for her heart and tested the edges. Hanna, as her name turned out to be, was struggling to get to me. To get closer and I let her.


I used her for all she was worth and allowed my phoenix to nibble away at her. So that when I got up the next morning her trying to ask me what was wrong she began to crumble. I walked out though.

....It was two weeks later I found out she had slit her wrists..... I didn't feel a thing.

The End

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