Dilila: Lovey Dovey, Bleh!Mature

Okay, so I didn't like Serena but the moment Hades had brought up getting rid of her I knew he meant properly and I hadn't stayed around to find out. I mean if he's some powerful being that created the ink curse then he could do it himself, right?

Unless... Unless there was something about Serena. Which is why when I walked in on Serena curled up in my brothers arm I felt anger shoot me.

"Didn't know she would still be here seeing as its almost midnight" I spat. Evan face turned stern.

"Dilila be nice"

"I-I could go" Serena said but Evan's arms tightened around her and he gave her this look which seemed to melt her. It was a pretty disgusting sight and my stomach churned horribly.

"I'm going to my room" I snapped and strode off. I mean seriously, why her? She was like the dirt on my shoe that I couldn't get off.

Maybe... Maybe Hades was right to think about getting rid of her for good. I mean what use was her to the planet? She surely wasn't helping my brother. He was turning soppy again like he did when he found a girl.

I remember when he use to submit to his nature as a phoenix. To lure people to the flame until it got to hot then he'd push them away with a broken heart. Unlike with me they'd be scared for life. Every so often though he'd go week. He's flame would be blown out and he'd be the one being lured in.

He'd get over it though. Once they had to move. Once people noticed they weren't getting older. He would get over it. He had to didn't he because Serena couldn't come with us.

The way Hades talked about her though like he knew her like he knew me. It made it sound like... like she was inked.

That had to be impossible though.... didn't it?

The End

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