Evan: BeautifulMature

I drew in a sharp breath at the sight of Serena. She wore a black dressed that hugged the curves I didn't even knew she had. Then I saw the converse shoes on her feet and couldn't help but smile. "You look lovely" I whispers.


"Come in" I said quickly holding the door open but making it so she has to step pass me. I run my eyes again and again over her figure which luckily Serena only noticed a couple of times. "It's roast potatoes, chicken and other vegetables for tea"

See that was a good thing about going place you learnt things. Skills that you normally would only have time to learn one of. Serena smelled the scent drifting through the house and looked back at me. "It smells gorgeous all ready" she whispers reaching up and touching the tip of a curl.

Her hair curled was nice yet I could help but wonder would I mess it up by running my fingers through it. Probably because Dilila was always fussing about her hair and how different conditions or someone touching it ruined it of some sort. I held out my hand to Serena and she took it allowing me to lead her into the dinning room which was also part of the kitchen. She looked around at the sleek furniture. "You live in style then?"

I laugh and hold out a seat for her. "Is that a problem?" I whisper leaning in so as I talk my lips brush her neck. I feel the shiver that runs through her and step back.

"Oh no" she says. "Its not a problem"

I can tell a blush touches her cheeks as I turn and walk off to the kitchen. I serve up the food and can't stop smiling. Serena was different from any other girl I'd been with. She was a girl but knew how to have fun. A tomboy yet dressed beautifully and kept herself as well dressed as she could.

I really just wanted to take her shopping and tell her we could shop anywhere she wanted.

I brought the plates back through and we both dug in. Serena cheeks flushed as the taste spread through her whole body. I noticed her whole body pulling in on itself shocked by the taste.

"Nice?" I questioned leaning forward with a cheeky smile on my lips.

"Very" she said pushing a strand of hair behind her ear and digging in for another mouthful. We began to talk as we ate about movies and we ended up arguing over which star wars film was the best.

"It has to be the 6th in the series" I say.

"Yes but the graphics in the first" she says shaking her head.

"The last three are classics"

"So you say"

"How about we watch them all then?"

"All of them" she laughed. "That will take hours"

"We have all night" I smiled slowly. A blush touched Serena's cheeks but she smiled looking down embarassed.

"Okay then"

So in the end we ended up on the couch with ben and jerries ice cream. Serena sat next to me but after a moment I pulled her to me holding her from behind and burying my face in her neck. It was simple and innocent at first but Serena's breathing still turned unsteady and after a while I couldn't help but run my hands down her side.

I kissed just under her jaw softly and waited for her reaction.

The End

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