Serena: DinnerMature

Evan had called and asked me to dinner. Dinner, at his house. I was blushing in to the mirror as I stared at my reflection. It would be perfect, but all I could think of was the fact that I would probably be near Dilila. And that was somewhere I did not want to be.

As I brushed through my hair and gave myself a critical glare, I sighed. Tonight was my one night off, the first in a long while. Normally on days like this I would take the time to go over essays, and sleep as much as possible. But tonight I was going to be sociable.

I twirled my hair round my finger. Should I curl it? Or straighten it? I already knew what I was wearing; the nicest thing I owned. It was a present that my last carer had bought me before she died. Callie had been the only person I had ever really related to. She had been nice, a lover of plants and nature, and slightly eccentric. She'd died five days after my birthday, the one that legally allowed me to live on my own. I had told her I wanted to stay with her and she'd been on her way to fetch my new, permanent bed when some idiot with a lot of alcohol in his system had hit her in his car.

I shook my head to stop myself from crying. Callie would want me to get on with my life.

Curly, I decided, and picked up the straighteners, using them to twirl strands of my hair around in to long curls around my shoulders.

I pulled on tights and the long sleeved black dress Callie had bought. It reached the centre of my thighs, and was about the only sexy thing I owned. And the reason I was wearing it? Because this was a date, and I wanted to look good.

Of course, the converse on my feet didn't really match, but they'd have to do. I had no other shoes, apart from my work ones.

I grabbed my skateboard and rolled my way out to the street Evan had told me to go to. Then I grabbed my board and started checking the house numbers. And there it was... Evan's house. I took a deep breath. Don't panic, keep calm.

I knocked on the door, and waited for an answer.


The End

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