Dilila: FuriousMature

"She got off!" I snapped as I stalked along with my 'friends'. "The police are saying no one entered the gym so they cant say who it was. You girls are lucky I got my hands on that tape"

Sophie and Abigale wince. "We really are sorry, Dilila" Abigale said biting her lip. "Apparently someone helped her get off with the principle"

I knew immediately it would be my stubborn headed brother I also knew he would know I'd have a hand in this. I checked my watch. "Shoot, I have to go" I say pretending I have somewhere to be. "Bye, girls"

I wave and stride off. My heels clack against the pavement angrily as I walk and I grind my teeth in frustration. I barely reached the corner before a text buzzed through on my phone.

'I'm inviting Serena round to dinner tonight. Don't come home till later'

I grit my teeth and growled angrily. Now she came before me?! How dare my brother do that? We had been together for years. Suspended in time with only the other for company. Of course we bumped into others with the inked skin but it wasn't like we all grouped together in little cults.

I strode towards a expensive yet cute little coffee shop ordering a salad and latte. I sat at a table near a window and glared out of it tapping my fingers repetitively on the table.

What to do? What to do? "May I sit here?"

I looked up to meet the sight of a devastatingly gorgeous guy. His eyes and hair with coal black and his jaw was firm, masculine. "Sure" I reply slowly a smile sliding onto my lips as I realise there are loads of empty seats but he asked to sit next to me.

"I'm Hades" he smiles.

"Oh really?" I laugh.

"Yes, Dilila" 

I freeze and stare at him my eyes widening. "How do you know my name?" I get out.

"Oh I know a lot of things about you" he smiles. "I know about your brother. Your tattoos. Your gift"

I grip my cup tight with one hand and grit my teeth eyes narrowing. "How?" I demand angrily.

"I told you" he smirks. "I'm Hades"

I pale as it hits me. Stories of a man in black. The man who bled the curse into the first inked person. "No" I say rising. "You can't be"

"Oh, sit down, Dilila" he says with a wave of his hand. A uncomfortable tug yanks me back down into my seat. "I'm not here to hurt you. I'm here to help you"

"With what?" I say grabbing my cup and taking a sip. 

He smiles slowly his eyes darkening all over to a complete black. "Of ridding the world of Miss Serena Faith"

The End

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