Evan: TalkingMature

"Hey" I say jumping over the school wall to land in front of Serena. I lean against the tree standing over her with a devilish smile setting into place. She looks up and quickly gets to her feet brushing the dirt off her trousers.

"Hey" Serena says pushing her hair back behind her ears. I admire the beautiful locks of black hair that fall down from her head and cant help but smile more.

"What's up?" I whispers and tilt up her chin with my finger so she looks directly at me. "You seem kind of down?"

"Its nothing just... a misunderstanding" she grumbles hugging her stomach and looking down at the floor. I frowned and couldn't help but pass my fingers down her neck over her shoulder then down her her arm to hold her hand.

"What sort of misunderstanding?" I ask stepping closer feeling the need to be closer. To be with her especially when she is so obviously upset.

"Just... Apparently the gym got vandalised and I'm being blamed" Serena's says looking up her face angry yet teary. "But I never do PE"

"Maybe I should come with you" I says and stroke her cheek with my other hand. "I'm a pretty convincing guy when I want to be"

And I can't bare to see Serena, here, in pain the way she is. Serena bites her lip looking up at me which is easy seeing as how close we are. "I don't know" she mutters. "They did just tell me to come"

"Well, I'm sure they wont mind a friend being around to help explain the situation" I say slowly. I tilt my head down and I sense Serena's pulse quicken. No, this is too soon. I step back. "Come on. We should get it over with"

The End

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