Serena: Blame GameMature

I'd only just reached home when I recieved a call from the principal.

"Miss Faith, I'm afraid you're going to have to come in for a meeting tomorrow. There have been accusations that you are the one who defaced the property in the gym."

"What property? I haven't touched anything in the gym!" I said, although I had a sudden feeling that he wasn't going to believe what I had said. In fact I was sure no one would believe me.

"Miss Faith, there is no point in arguing over the phone. You're going to have to come in tomorrow morning to discuss this."


"No arguments." The phone clicked and I almost threw mine away in anger. How could they accuse me of doing that? I'd never stepped foot in the gym! I'd skived every class because they made you wear short sleeved tops. I hid in the greenhouses instead where I felt safe. Where I felt welcome.

This was so unfair! So horrible!!! Who would accuse me of... oh holy crap. Dilila. It had to be. Her, or one of her bunch of friends.

I kicked my bed then hopped around as the pain in my foot swelled and receeded. I had work, I couldn't stay here. I grabbed a sandwhich and left, jumping on my skateboard to ride there.

As I shuffled round the restraunt I kept my head low, so that no one would notice I was upset. At the end of my shift I collected my money, which was actually close to my normal pay since someone the previosu day had left a generous tip. I had a feeling it was Evan, but I didn't say it.


I headed to school early, hoping I could see the principal without the whole school seeing me. However, he was running late, so I sat under my usual tree with a book and tried to pay attention to the words. After a while though I gave up and instead curled against the roots, wishing they would wrap me in a hug and take care of me.

The End

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