Dilila: IgnorantMature

I hate my brother! Of all the girls to get his little crush on it had to be the dorky girl on the skateboard. 

I hadn't minded with Claire, the last one, she'd been cool and mischievous sneaking me into several hip clubs in the last town. This girl though? No way in hell did I approve and I was pretty dang close to hell mind you.

I felt furious having been ditched as well. How dare that girl leave me trailing? Me?! I couldn't believe it. "Dilila" a voice yelled. I turned to find Abigale walking over with Sophie texting angrily.

"Oh, Abi" I smiled sweetly and hooked my arms through hers walking along. Sophie trailed after us still texting and I began to wonder why her face was looking so strained.

"Rumors are spreading" Abigale hissed to me. "That apparently your brother is dating Serena? I mean Serena?! It cant be true"

I sighed heavily and put on this heart broken face. "Yes it is" I whisper almost crying fake tears. "I've tried to tell him about her. Oh gosh, Abi, she's-" I cut off to lets a sob drop from my lips.

"What has she done?" Abigale whispers shocked.

"She's mulching off him. Making him buy things for her" I whisper. "I heard he took her out for a meal and she said she couldn't pay. That she blamed us!?"

Sophie came over then. "That skank" she hissed as she put an arm round my shoulders. "Don't worry, Dilila. We can sort it"

"Yeah, Sophie has already started"

"Started what?" I whisper feeling my taste for chaos licking up inside me urging for more. Abigale and Sophie smiled at each other smugly. "Spit it out" I hiss now excited.

"Oh that she's the one who trashed the gym of course" Abigale smirked. I almost cried out in delight. I had them. I had these weak minded fools and I was twisting them. Oh this would be so much fun to see played out and I didn't have a hand in it.

Cause, well, I didn't touch anything.

The End

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