Evan: AngryMature

I clenched my jaw and my hands clenched into fist. Damnit Dilila, why chose to pick on the girl that I think I could like in this stupid town? I was about to apologize to Serena when she was called off by another customer.

I heaved a sigh and got up. Brushing down my clothes I left the cafe leaving a nice tip for Serena. She needed it. I knew that.

I headed back home where I found Dilila in the living room with some friends. They gawked at me as I entered but I rested my eyes angrily on Dilila. "Who said you could have friends round?" I said coldly. "Didn't you think of bothering to text me to ask?"

Dilila frowned. "Calm down, bro. They're only staying for another hour or so" she muttered confused as her friends began to whisper. She glances at them then shot me a glare but I just stalked off to the kitchen. Dilila, of course, followed me. "What the hell is up with you?" she growled beneath her breath.

"You never think do you?" he snaps. "When you're messing with your powers you never think who they could seriously hurt"

"What are you talking about?" Dilila muttered.

"Serena, you got her paycheck cut and now she's struggling to eat. I dont mind you messing with people, Lila, but thats going to far" I tell her my voice low and angry.

A look of realisation goes over her face. "You like the loser?" I grit my teeth in anger and Dilila holds up her hands. "Fine, I'll back of or maybe I'll be friendly. Yeesh, I'll think next time okay"

With that she stalked back off to her 'friends' leaving me to take my anger out on tonights dinner.

The End

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