Serena: TinglingMature

As I weaved in and out of people, heading home, I touched the spot on my cheek where Evan had kissed me. It was tingling, rather like it had recently been warmed by a fire. I shook the thought from my head.

Today I was getting an extra meal, thanks to Evan. I owed him big time.

Another day of school and I had work. My eating was back to it's normal state of not very much, but I was more positive since the meal Evan had supplied.

Tonight was a five hour shift- not too long, but long enough if you're tired. And my day at school had tired me out. Dilila had been up to her tricks again, and I had been covered in water once again. Now though, I thought of Evan when the water cascaded down me, and it gave me the strength to just smile back at Dilila, which seemed to unnerve her a little. Evan. I had no idea why, but the complex build of emotions I felt every time I met his eyes were mentally taxing- as if both of us were fighting a mental battle. But the mere thought of the way he was with me was enough to give me the strength to get through the day; whether that was because of the meal or not I had no idea.

After three hours of the shift, I got a break. When I emerged from the bathroom, I saw a familiar figure by the bar. I gasped and melted back against the door. Evan was here. Why? To see me? I breathed in deeply. I only hoped Dilila wasn't here again.

"Serena, why are you hiding here?" One of the waitresses asked as she headed to the bathroom.

"No reason." I muttered, and slunk out of hiding. I nipped past him and slid in to the kitchen. My boss spotted me.

"Serena! I need you to work bar! Kelly's going to have to go home." I heard a wretching sound from outside. Kelly was pregnant, and appeared to have reached the morning sickness stage. I grimaced but did as I was told, slipping behind the bar and pouring my first customer a drink. As I handed it to the man, Evan looked up from next to him. He grinned and I felt my heart flutter.

"So, this is where you work." His silky voice caressed each word so gently I wondered why they didn't just jump back in his mouth to stay close to him forever. I almost did the same, but the bar and my own strength stopped me.

"Yes. Why are you here?"

"Can't a guy come for a drink?"

I gave him a look.

"Ok, so I may have worked out that this is where you work. I just thought I'd check up on you; make sure you're eating."

I glanced around to make sure no one was looking.

"Shush, please. This is the place that's cutting my check."

"Then maybe I should have a word with the manager..."

"...No! Please don't! It was all because of the students from my school... it's standard procedure."

"But they should have been made to pay." He said, frowning a little.

"Well... it seems that when he went to talk to them they changed his mind..."

"They must have been persuasive if he believed them over you."

"One of them was." I eyed him, not sure whether I should tell him it was his sister. But it seemed I didn't have to.

"What day was this?" He asked. I told him. "The same night Dilila came home with that great big smile on her face..." He muttered, apparently unaware that I could still hear him.

I saw my boss looking at me, and began serving other customers. When they had gone I returned to Evan.

"It was my sister wasn't it?" He asked.

I grimaced but nodded.


The End

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