Serena: Not ready yetMature

"Wrong? No, nothing's wrong. So, do you have any um... tattoos?" I wanted to get off the subject, but I thought it might raise suspicion.

"Yes. Do you?" I shrunk from the question. I wasn't ready to tell anyone about my tattoos yet.

"None that you're going to see." He looked intrigued as I knew he would, but I hadn't been able to lie to him, so I had simply deflected.

"Are you sure you won't show me just one? I bought you food."

"Oh, so now there's a catch." I joked. He grinned and then leaned back lazily, giving me a proper view of his good looks. I could have sworn he was doing it on purpose.

"No catch. Just a request." I shook my head and he shrugged. "I guess if it's in a place not generally displayed to the public you wouldn't want to show me." I blushed and gave him a 'haha' look.

"So are we going to get on to a different subject, or do I have to leave?"

"Don't leave. What do  you want to talk about?"

"Well, what do you do? I mean, if you're not in school you must be doing something."

"Not at the moment."

"Do you live with your parents?"

"No, just my sister. She goes to your school."

"She does? What's her name?"

"Dilila." I gulped.

"Dilila? Oh."

"You know her? She's new, so I didn't think you would."

"I've met her."

"She's an individual."

"Yes, I could tell." He smiled at me, as though he knew how she had reacted. I didn't really like this subject either, since she made me feel so little, so unimportant.

"What about you? I guess you don't live with anyone, because you work so hard and need the money."

"Yeah, I'm on my own."

"What about your parents?" I grimaced. "Sorry, not a good subject?"

"No it's just... I never knew them. I was abandoned as a baby."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I've survived this far."

The End

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