Evan: BeautifulMature

I really wanted to answer 'you'. Serena. Her beauty, not the physical one but the one inside. I take a deep breath. "I like fire" I tell her. "The way it flickers and its light isnt always stable but warm and calming"

"But isnt fire destructive?" Serena questions. I smile slowly.

"But isnt the way it does it incredible. The way it eats away at everything in front of it. Growing, spreading to become stronger"

Serena frowns tilting her head. "Yes, but still its danngerous"

"Everythings dangerous. Everything has its faults" I reply.

"What else do you like?" Serena questions obviously wanting to move on. I find  a small laugh slipping off my lips.

"I like tattoos" I say. Serena seems to tense.

"Why is that?" she asks in an unsteady voice. I frown titlting my head watching her reaction seeing how nervous she now is.

"Is something wrong?"

The End

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