Serena:Evan the gentlemanMature

I sat watching Evan as he ordered food, his eyes seeming to melt and pierce at the same time. Everything about the guy flowed; he was like the cool good looking guys you saw in movies who were rich enough to buy the girls they wanted anything. But they always ended up being the jerks in the story. I eyed Evan. He didn't look like he could be a jerk, but after everyone I had met who was around my age, I wasn't willing to take a chance.

"So, do you feel like telling me why you haven't been eating?" I bit my lip and shook my head. "No?" His eyes hardened slightly and then returned to their normal melting form. I wondered whether I had imagined it. "Well that's your business I suppose."

"It's... it's not that I'm not grateful. It's just that, I don't like people to think i can't care for myself."

"I think from what I've seen you're very good at that. Except for the fact you're not eating properly of course."

"I'm not doing it on purpose!" I resigned myself to tell him. "When I called you and told you about the people who ruined my night and it was taken out of my paycheck? What I failed to mention was that the money I earn from there and the milkshake place is the only money I have. So if any of it is taken away, something has to give so that I don't get behind on my rent or stuff for school."

"So you stop eating instead?"

"I have a big meal at school and some lunch when I get home. But I have to miss breakfast and my tea is never very big. Normally just some pasta or a slice of toast."

"That's ridiculous." The food arrived at the table and I stared at it hungrily, but didn't want to stop the conversation. "Go ahead. Don't wait on my account." He took a sip from his drink and a bite from his burger. I took my sandwhich and dug in, relishing the taste. Once I'd had a few mouthfuls and a drink I began to slow down. He was watching me with some amusement.

"Thank you for this. I'll have to repay you somehow..."

"Don't think on it. What's a meal between friends?"

"I wouldn't know. I've never really had any."

"Well then I shall be your first."

"Thank you Evan. I would be honoured to be your friend." I took another drink.

"So, what do you like?"


"Yes. What are your interests, hobbies etc?"

"I don't really have time for hobbies, except skateboarding I suppose. As for interests, I guess I love nature."


"Yeah. Like flowers and stuff." I grinned as he replied that he was familiar with nature. "I don't know, I just think there is something incredibly beautiful and powerful in the way nature rules over the earth. And I love stars too. I like watching them."

"I think stars are incredibly beautiful."

"They are." I agreed, then settled back in my seat as I realised that during the conversation both Evan and I had been leaning further towards each other across the table. "So, what do you like?"

The End

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