Evan: Sweet Girl, Cruel GirlMature

I couldnt stop thinking about Serena. She seemed so gentle yet so strong with what she had to go through. Dilila told me not to pick her up from school today but as I was heading for a  cafe round the corner. I saw her. Serena.

She was on a skateboard swirving in and around crowds. She spotted me and came to a halt in front. I smiled and she blushed slightly before smiling back. "Hiya" she says pushing a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Hi" I say suddenly looking in concern at the shadows under her eyes and the pale skin. "Are you okay?"

"Just... just a bit hungry I guess" She mutters looking at her feet. I frown finding myself worried.

"Why might that be?"

She shrugs. "I missed breakfast is all" she says tossing it off like its nothing.

"You've missed more than breakfast" I mutter in concern. "Hey! Come join me. I was going to a cafe round the corner. I get you a bite to eat" I finish cheerfully with a wink.

"I..." she stutters. "I shouldn't"

"Ah, come on. Wheres the harm?" I ask laughing feeling a small surge of darkness roll beneath my skin. It wants me to tease her. To force her to submit to me but I quench it and tilt my head watching her.

"Fine" she gives in sighing with a smile, pushing another loose strand of hair behind her ear. "It cant hurt"

The End

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