Serena:Phone numberMature

When I got home I collapsed on my bed and let a tear run down my cheek. The only upside to the whole thing was that they had promised never to return. But it looked like this week I was going to have to do without some things. I looked around at my sparse room. What else could I do without?

I decided that I should skip breakfast, and eat more from school, which would mean that I would only have to buy enough food for one meal a day. That should be enough to get me through with the missing money from the restraunt.

I got up from my bed and wiped away my tears. Time to do the washing. I grabbed my clothes from earlier and began emptying out my pockets. In my skirt pocket I found the crumpled piece of paper which had the number of that guy Evan on it.

I picked up my mobile and dialled.

"Hello?" It was Evan's voice, and he sounded as relaxed and cool as he had done when I had met him.

"Um, hi. It's Serena."

"Well hello again."


"So you called. I'm glad. I wondered whether you would."

"I just wanted to thank you, for earlier."

"That's alright. I hope you've been keeping warm. Wouldn't want you getting a cold."

"I've been working."

"And where do you work?"

"The restraunt in town. The Blue Jar."

"Ah. Good shift?"

"Not really. We had some really horrible customers in from my school. They caused a load of trouble and the money is coming out of my paycheck. But apart from that..."

"That's not fair."

"It's life. Luckily they did say that they were never coming back again." I didn't know why I was telling him all of this. "Anyway, I just wanted to thank you, but I'd better be going. I have school tomorrow."

The End

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