Dilila: ChaosMature

The restaurant scene was hilarious. Try as she might that little outcast, Serena, couldn't stop the chaos falling in on her. A smirk had set on my lips quite a few times. Then when we finally left, with a comment to the manager about the terrible service we got and that we'd never be going there again, we headed over to a high class restaurant.

The food of course came perfect with no little mistakes to spot in the completely perfect meals. Me and my new 'friends' laughed and I even flirted with the waitor whose number I now have.

I have decided that the two girls that came were to be my two 'best' friends. There names were Abigale and Sophie. We walked home and I had to bid goodbye at my door teasing them about my gorgeous brother before I left. I must admit I loved the fact my brother was hot.

I didn't find him attractive of course since he was my brother but to other girls he was perfect. I enjoyed using this to have a little bit of fun. Walking into the living room small little laughs falling off my lips I found my brother sat watching tv. He looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

I smiled brightly. "Just had a little bit of fun" I sang heading to my room. Evan shook his head as I left but that didn't bring my mood any less down. Oh, how I love chaos.

The End

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