Serena: Leave me alone!Mature

Generally, this is not the place for students to hang out. But it  seems those rules might be changing. Dilila, the new student, and her band of 'friends' were all hanging out there now, and trying to make my life a living hell. Everything I brought them wasn't good enough, things had to be taken back, and the chef started to get stressed out.

"What am I supposed to do to please these people?" he yelled, taking back the third plate I returned.

"I honestly think they're doing this because of me. I mean, it's like school, but here."

"Well if it's your fault, go and fix it!" I sighed and went to find the manager.

"Joe, the kids who are causing havoc are from my school. I think they're doing it to mess with me, but I can't ask them to leave."

"Well I can, they're wasting resources." He marched over to the table. I returned to the other customers to take their order. Five minutes later, Joe came over. "They're saying you are taking their orders wrong Serena."

"But I'm not! I did exactly as they said!"

"Well I'm sorry, but I have to take it in to consideration. It's coming out of your paycheck."

"But Joe, you know I can't afford that. I need the money!"

"I'm sorry Serena. But unless by some miracle they decide to pay for all the food they've wasted, it's got to come from somewhere."

I nodded, understanding the circumstance as unfortunate as it was. I went to the bar and began getting drink for another table. Jess, the other waitress was standing next to me.

"Jess, will you take that table? Only they're from my school, and we're not exactly getting along."

"Hon, I have other tables to serve. I'm sorry but you're going to have to deal with them yourself." I grimaced, and went to get another pad to write down yet another of their orders. As I crossed the floor, I hoped for a miracle to save me and my paycheck. It was the closest thing to prayer I had ever done.

The End

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