Dilila: Milkshake spillMature

"Oh, come on" I begged Evan trying to tear his eyes away from his work. Seriously, sometimes I think he's the most evil one here. Always tormenting me.

"Do you want us to get thrown out of the house because our paperwork isnt all right?" Evan questions looking at me with those calm grey eyes. I shiver thinking about how different we are and how in control of his devilish power Evan is.

"Fine, I'll go on my own" I say pouting as I turn on my heels heading for the door.

"Be back by 11, Dilila" Evan calls. I roll my eyes grabbing my gorgeous leather jacket. Then strolling out the door I head in the direction of this restaurant in town that caught my eye on the way home. When I get there I feel a smug grin fall onto my lips. That girl, the outcast, is a waitress and, as I watch, she's treated almost the same here by the customers like she is at school.

Well, the same keeping her apart. Of course how they act is more mature. They merely ignore her presence and fall into silence when she's near them. I feel a laugh of my lips but settle for a smirk and a flip of my hair. I head for a table and sit down. I fold one leg over the other and wait pulling my phone out to text my new 'friends'.

"How may I help you?" the voice is cold and when I look up I smile with a fake cheerfullness.

"A pasta salad" I tell her before looking away back to my phone. I hear her sigh heavily before walking away. I smile as I recieve a text back from two of my new 'friends' saying they'll come join me.

I smile coldly to myself. Well, this will be fun wont it.

The End

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