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The guy, Evan, seemed nice enough. He'd asked if I was ok, which was kind. And I had his number which was unexpected. But mostly, I just wanted to get out of my wet clothes. Thinking about him though, something about the way he looked at me... well he just seemed to understand me, in the blink of an eye. Which is obviously impossible. But I felt like we might get  along. I still wouldn't call him though. At least not yet.

When home time came around I was eternally grateful. I grabbed my skateboard, yes I have a skateboard, and avoided the main rush of people trying to leave school. I put my rucksack on my back and made sure my denim skirt wasn't curled up before pushing my board out on the the pavement. As I passed the main steps I saw the new girl Dilila getting in to a car. I couldn't see the driver, and didn't much care to either.

The place I live isn't far from the school. At sixteen I'm allowed my own flat, so I have a rented place above the milkshake place in town and I work there two nights a week and on a saturday morning too. The other nights I work at a restraunt down the road, which gets me good tips because it's the favourite of all the towns people. That's where I have to work tonight. I get home, grab some pasta and put it in to cook while I get changed for work.

I have to wear my hair up, although I get away with a messy ponytail that allows my large sidefringe to fall to the right, and black trousers with a white shirt. It's not all bad. I kind of like it, apart from when I first started working there I was told I wasn't allowed long sleeves, in case of accidents. I managed to convince the manager that I could wear a black cardigan over my shirt to cover my arms, telling him I had eczema and that I didn't want it to put the customers off. He agreed.

After munching my pasta and cheese I clean my teeth  and head straight for the restraunt.

The End

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