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I didn't understand Dilila's need to take control of the school but I guess it was in her genes just like flames burnt in mine. While Dilila was close to a siren, I would be most closest to a phoenix. A bird of fire. I mean even my tattoos were phoenix themed. I sat at the wall of the school.

It should be lunch time and I wanted a full scale report from Dilila how she was doing. Which is when I saw her. Her head lowered and sleeves pulled as far down her arms as possible, even so they edge over her hands. I tilted my head and lit my cigarette having been playing with the lighter for a while like normal. I took in a deep drag letting it out slowly as I watched her make her way to sit on the ground beneath a tree.

She dumped her bag next to her and my attention was on every movement she made. That was until my sisters familiar rolls of joyfilled laughter reached my ears as the school to the doors swung open again.

By the way the crowd walked with her I could tell these weren't complete puppets of hers. Their walk showed a proudness that defined them as the popular kids. Dilila saw me and waved making me merely smile. They past the young girl beneath the tree and as they did someone dumped their water all over her.

The girl gasped and my eyes watched her lips as they let out that small gasp. The group burst out in laughter and the person who had tipped the water threw his bottle away before they all left round the corner.

I tilted my head, once again, watching. I finished my cigarette and flicked it off the wall onto the street and not school grounds. I did this before jumping down from the wall and making my way over to the young girl. "Are you okay?" I ask perching on the ball of my feet in front of her.

She looks at me with confused eyes. "I.... I'm okay. Its normal anyway. Um, who are you?"

"Oh, I'm new to town. The name's Evan" I say holding out my hand. The girls hand gasped my so delicate and soft.

"Serena" she whispered. I slowly smiled tilting my head to study her features.

"Lovely name" I reply. "Well, I shouldn't really be here. Since I'm not a student" I rise to my feet. I look at Serena then think before pulling some paper and a pen from the satchel thats hanging at my side. I scribble down my number hand it to her and then leave.

Dilila would call me weird for what I did. I'm not all bad though. Just mostly, I think smiling as I land on my feet other side of the wall.

The End

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