Serena: New girlMature

Biology isn't a bad class, there can be some good lessons, although there are some equally bad ones. Today's lesson is on eco-systems, something I like, so I am actually listening to the teacher when the door opens and the lady from the front desk comes in with a new girl behind her. The girl radiates confidence, and she looks around smugly at all the boys who have just perked up. Her eyes flash around the classroom, and they seem to undress every guy there, and give a look of contempt to the girls. I look away before she gets to me and fain a look of indifference. I'm the best person at looking like I don't care. Some people have said I look so indifferent I might as well be dead sometimes.

"This is Dilila Wink. She's joining this class." The teacher murmured a thank you, looked round the classroom and grimaced as he saw that the only empty seat was next to me.

"Well Miss Wink, you're going to have to sit there." The girl strutted towards the desk, her hips rolling and her chest thrust forward. You could practically see the testosterone in the room begin to follow her.

"Hey. What's with the look?" Dilila asked as she sat down, looking at my long sleeves. Long sleeves on one of the hottest days of the year. I rolled my eyes and ignored her. "Excuse me, I asked you a question." I turned round and looked in to her eyes. She stared back. It was like a battle had begun, to see who would break first. She blinked, grimaced, and turned to face the board. Did I mention I'm good at staring competitions as well? I fiddled with my pencil, wondering why I was so mean to anyone who spoke to me. The pencil flew from my hand on to the floor and I leant down to pick it up. Something caught my eye on the girls ankle. It was a rose, and I saw that the tattoo made it's way up her legs.

"Nice tattoo" I muttered as I sat up.

"Oh, it speaks." I pulled a face at her and focussed on the board.


The End

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