The Incident, part 6Mature

“Colonel, as a precaution my men will now be travelling in groups of four and fully armored to discourage further confrontation.  Nothing personnel, I just have to think about their welfare first.  Given your earlier statement I would assume that you want my men to remain onboard.  We have a month of rations in our own stores, so we’ll – “ said Kel.

            “No.  This incident was not your fault, and I will ensure that every crewman and Marine on this ship is fully aware of that, and that any further incidents will be dealt with even more harshly than what First Squad is going to receive.  Damn it, you’re still turians, and I will not accept mistreatment of you any more than I would accept mistreatment of my own men,” said Malak.

            “Thank you, sir.  I look forward to working with you during this cruise, and my report to my own commander detailing this incident will note your efforts to accommodate us.  Was there something else you wanted to discuss?”

            “Ah, yes, I got distracted.  As I said, I hope that the earlier incident won’t cause lasting tensions because we are likely to need your assistance quite a bit.  A lot of these Marines are unblooded.  I’m probably going to need you to hand them the first few missions on a silver platter.  There was a known band of pirates in the next system, but the last reported activity from them was more than a month ago.   I’ll send you in a few days early to have a look and then – ” the Colonel’s omni-tool lit up with a priority message and he read it for a moment before saying, “Change of plans.  Hierarchy has acquired the location of some Cerberus facilities, and we just got assigned a new target.  I need to look at the operational data, and I need to get that message sent out to the crew.  Bring your senior Cabal members to the operations center tomorrow at 0800 and I’ll brief you in with my Marine officers.  And do let me know if anyone else gives your men any trouble.”

            “Of course, sir.  I’ll take my leave now,” said Keldaris, before beginning the walk back to the Cabalist compartment.

The End

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