The Incident, part 5Mature

“Kabalim, I am sorry for the actions of my men today.  I began my career with the 43rd Marines, and they are much more tolerant of the Cabals.  There were obviously discipline problems that were not reported to me.  I fear that I am going to have to do quite a bit of retraining for this unit.  I hope that this incident will not hamper cooperation with the Cabals in the future,” said Malak.

            “That will all depend on Cabalist Bextrus’ condition, sir,” replied Kel.  Malak stopped midstride and grabbed Kel’s arm.

            “Bextrus, you say?  Spirits, I didn’t even look at her.  Spirits, no, not Amara,” said Malak.

            “Sir?” asked Kel.  He had brought up the interface on his omni-tool and appeared to be working with the com systems.

            “Just a moment Kabalim.  Sergeant Qui’in, make sure that the prisoners are secure.  If any of them even tries to take the alternative to a court martial, I will hold you personally responsible,” said Malak.

            “Colonel?” asked Kel.  When he looked up at her his features were absolutely predatory.

            “Amara Bextrus is my granddaughter.  It may cost me my career, but I will see to it that Sergeant Flaccus is executed for his actions today, and that the rest of his unit is removed from duty with a dishonorable discharge.  I really wish you would have killed him.  It would have saved everyone involved a lot of honor,” said Malak as he started walking again.

            Kel’s own omni-tool buzzed gently with a message from Aten.  She quickly typed back, Ensure that we travel in groups no smaller than four and everyone is in armor outside of our compartment.  Precautionary only, I don’t foresee any more problems, Colonel Sida is Amara’s grandfather.  Still, put our men on a guard rotation in the medical wing.  She hit send and closed the interface.  A moment later her omni-tool buzzed twice with an affirmative from Aten.

The End

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