The Incident, part 3Mature

About 2 minutes later, Colonel Malak Sida approached from the forward section in full armor with half a dozen Marines.  Four of them halted at the Cabalists’ section and took up guard positions.  The remaining two continued with him to the sparring room.

            “Kabalim, what happened?” asked the Colonel.

            “Follow me, Colenel,” said Kel.  She stepped through the door and to the side so that the Lieutenant would have an unobstructed view.  His eyes darted to the side and saw his men lined up at attention against the wall, then settled on Amara lying on the ground, Nevara tending to her wound.

            Turning to the assembled Marines, Malak said, “Which one of you fucking idiots started this?  The Cabalists never initiate these conflicts, so which of you thought this would be a good idea?”  The Marines fidgeted but stayed silent, so Malak settled for glaring at them for a moment.

 “Sir, permission to speak?” asked one of the Marines against the wall.

“I’m waiting, Corporal Temeran,” said Malak.

“Sir, Sergeant Flaccus had been griping about having those ‘freaks’ on board.  When we walked in for our daily sparring practice he immediately started insulting them.  When he failed to get a reaction he grabbed that one,” She pointed to Amara, “by the arm and pulled her in close.  The other one pulled him off of her, then First Squad started attacking her.  Flaccus pulled his Talon and went after the first one.  One of the others knocked her out and Flaccus got on top of her and started stabbing.  He only got two strikes in before the other one tackled him off.  Two of the others grabbed her and he started beating her.  Kabalim Kel and her man there showed up and stopped the fight.  It couldn’t have lasted much more than a minute.”

Malak was quiet for a moment, then said, “I see.  Would anyone like to add anything to the Corporal’s report?”

The End

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