The Incident, part 2Mature

Kel moved farther into the room so she could see the scene.  Amara was lying in a pool blood on the floor, the source of which was a wound in her side.  Kel could see a knife on the ground next to her and used her biotics to lift it up.

            Turning to the assembled turians she said, “This conflict between Cabalists and Marines happens a lot.  In fact, it’s almost expected.  But to attack one of us with a knife…  Whose blade is this?  Whose fucking knife is it?!”  By the end she was shouting.  Finally one of them pointed to the Marine who had been punching Tullia.  Kel turned towards him as he was stumbling back to his feet and drew back her arm.  As it started back forwards, Zecus grabbed her arm and knocked her biotic throw off course.  The knife clattered to the floor as she glared at Zecus.

            “Ma’am, much as I think we would all like to, we can’t kill him.  There are 800 Marines on this ship, and that’s more than enough to purge our Cabal.  Let the system deal with him,” said Zecus.  Still quivering with anger, Kel nodded and turned away.

            Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Kel commed Aten and said, “Get Vara and Nicus down here now.  Knife wound to the abdomen for Vara to deal with, and I need Nicus to lock the security footage from editing or deletion.  Send our side arms with them, and be prepared for a mass stasis.”

            “At once, Kabalim,” was the reply and she closed the comm channel.  The next call she had to make would be far less… enjoyable.

            “Colonel Sida, there has been an incident in the sparring room.  Your presence is required,” Said Kel before ending the call.  Zecus was already maneuvering the remaining Marines off to one so that the bodies lying on the ground could clearly be seen when the Colonel entered the room.  Ensuring that silence, save for the moans of the injured, reigned as they waited, Kel assumed a position just outside the door.

The End

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