The Incident - A Mass Effect shortMature

Background of the situation: Takes place in the Mass Effect universe on a turian warship, some of the characters are in the Cabals, the others are in the Marines, and the two groups don't really like each other very much. Words and blows (and stabs) are exchanged, and this is the aftermath. Quick edit after copy and paste from word. ~ 2200 words

Kel had just removed the ammo block from her Poneus assault rifle when her omni-tool pinged with a message from Amara; We need you in the sparring room.  Kel got up from the workbench and walked into the squad room.

            “Zecus, with me,” she said as she walked through.  He took a glance around, nodded and got up with a determined look on his face.  Only two cabalists were missing from their number; Amara, their newest member, and Tullia, the resident troublemaker when they were traveling with non-biotics.

            “Kabalim, the rest of us?” asked Aten.

            Kel paused at the exit before turning back to say, “Armor up and be ready.”  With that Zecus and Kel walked out and turned aft towards the sparring room.  They didn’t say a word as they walked, and Kel sent a message to Amara asking for an update.  With no reply they picked up the pace.  Within two minutes they had reached the door to the sparring room, finding it locked.  With a gesture from Kel, Zecus began hacking into the doors control systems.  Kel took the opportunity to send Aten a short message.

            “Five seconds,” said Zecus.  Kel began gathering biotic energy in preparation for the conflict no doubt occurring within.  The doors slipped open and she stepped through them.  In the half a second it took her to survey the area, one of the ship’s Marines brought his fist down, connecting with Tullia’s head with a crack.  Two more were holding the already bloodied Tullia up while several others looked on.  Amara was nowhere in sight.  Several Marines were on the ground with limbs bent in awkward directions.

            As the Marine attacking Tullia drew back for another strike, Kel threw out one of her own.  Her biotic push was moderated, only about 800 Newtons.  It was, however, well aimed and sent him flying into the far wall, winding him and most likely breaking his arm.  As the two Marines holding Tullia up looked at the new aggressor, the closer one was knocked away by a strike from Zecus.  Tullia responded quickly, turning in the grip of the other and clocking him in the gut with a biotically charged fist.  The rest of the crowd, shocked at the rapid takedown of their compatriots, stayed where they were.  Tullia moved around the Marines and knelt down next to the unmoving body of Amara.

The End

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