Melissa:: One Blessing in a World of Hurt

I was sick of waiting, he had urges and goddamn it I’m a woman that obeys her instincts too. Werewolves, from my account, are more romantic creatures; they have basic urges to mate, but they mate for life. They are highly connected to their human side, I am not. I am born for seduction, I can pick up any human man I liked and I was destructive to myself over the time I was away from him, I did not live up to my nature. But now, with Lazarus there, trying his best to pick up a new lad each night, I realised he was frustrated, but in as many ways as was I.

When the evening passed to morning his bed buddy disappeared and I crawled in beside Lazarus, his angelic form so peaceful while he slept. I smiled, kissing his cheek softly. I was prepared for anything he did, but, I curled up beside him anyway, my head tucked next to his side. He continued to sleep, his chest rising and falling peacefully and I smiled, waiting for him to wake. I hoped it wasn’t violently.

Eventually, after about an hour or so, he woke and stretched. I winced, hoping he did not hit me and for a moment, I hoped he did not find me either. He looked around, expecting for a while for his little play thing to still be around: really, after where he picked him up? I wouldn’t expect anyone to stay, though, they are annoying when they did, pining over me like a beautiful porcelain doll. His behaviour eluded me though. He even got up, swinging his legs out of bed as I raised my head to watch, had he not seen me? How could he have not seen me when I almost had my head rested on his stomach?

I couldn’t take my eyes off him though, his muscles, his naked body... memories, perfect, sensuous memories, as he walked off to find a painkiller and booze I even contemplated following him, but, I stayed like an obedient dog awaiting the time my master would return. He did, downing the whiskey with his painkillers and I had to sit up, pulling my legs together. I was dead; I never said my body’s reactions weren’t.  

Finally, however, my movement woke him up and he noticed me – though from his face it was not a good reaction. “How long have you been here?” He almost literally shot daggers at me, had he been carrying some, his stare was so sharp.

“Not long... enough to see you get a drink and pills,” I explained, not mentioning how I had watched him sleep for about an hour and a half.

“Why are you here?”

“I missed you,” I blushed. After you drink enough blood and learn the tricks it is easy to look human and mimic their emotions and facial expressions, all it is blood manipulation after all.

“So you sneaked in?”

“N...yes,” I could’ve lied, made up a story of how his lover let me in, but there was no point. Too much hardship was already in the air without adding deceit. He seemed annoyed...well, I figured so. "I'm sorry! I saw you with him and by God I wished it was me. But no, no, you needed him..." I swallowed hard, "I mean I miss you in many ways than the obvious, Lazarus.”

"Couldn't you have missed me in a less creepy way? God, who sneaks into someone's house and hides out in their bed?" Well, a creepy vampiric one. Never thought you’d hear the question, never would’ve guessed the answer.

“If I walked in here and asked for sex would you have said yes?" I shot him a doubtful look and he responded with an equally as doubtful, ‘I don’t know.’ "Precisely, Lazarus I have needs too... you're not helping by standing butt-naked in front of me and bringing back all those memories y'know."

He pulled on his boxers, still allowing me to gawp at his perfect chest, I almost whined as I stared. It definitely sent shivers down my spine. "Look, sex with you means something, y'know? It's a little harder to jump straight into bed with someone I haven't forgiven yet."

"Aww but I can't... you don't realise how high a standard you've placed, mutt." That last comment was habit of calling him it before... I realised my mistake soon after it slipped from my lips and the growl erupted from his: "Sorry, force of habit." He still looked irritated and I sighed, "Look, I'll go, fine, I get it." I fell into a mutter as I slipped from the bed, "stupid mutt setting bar so high I can't even get some with the freakin' people on the...grrr."

He snapped then and I had to pull back my smile, “Stop calling me a stupid mutt." Haha, defensive mutt.

I poked my tongue out from a childish grin, "Okay, pup,” he growled again and I tried my hardest to stifle my laughter "You're cute when you're an angry half-naked beauty," I couldn’t help the laughter then as I watched his face, letting it bubble forth. He raised a single brow at me and I stopped myself after a very long while- "Oh... oh I just love your face when you get annoyed, that's all."

"Weirdo leech," he murmured and I snarled in return. "You called me a mutt,” he let out a ‘humph’, his head held high.

"I didn't mean it..." I mocked a sniffle, but he didn’t budge so I threw my arms around him, knocking his chin slightly with a loose fist, "Oh stop being so stubborn, that's my job!"

"And you do a spectacular job of it.”

I grinned, "good." I realised what was happening, I just hoped it helped to melt his heart again, "Lazarus. Why does your body have to be so perfect?" I whined, still staring at the contours of his body from where I was.

"Because I'm perfect?" It seemed sarcastic and even ended in a snort, but, I couldn’t help but agree.

My face dropped into pure seriousness, "I agree,” I looked up at him, trying to connect as best I can.


I rested my head on his chest with a whimper, listening to his poor heart. His beautiful, beautiful melody: I missed it, I missed him, I even had to stifle my sniffles and whimpers. "Yeah... maybe,” my voice was soft, mellowed by the sound of his heart beating against my ear. He sort of hugged me back and I smiled slightly, put off by his sigh – not enough to not bite my lip as the words teased behind them. "Lazarus. I'm so sorry. I... I can't listen to your heart without hearing the sorrow I put upon it...I broke it...

After a small while I hugged a little tighter, but only for a moment so as not to freak him out and, lo and behold he rested his head on mine, completing the circle he made around me. Home, he was my home. "Do not say anything back, you don't need to. But I love you."

And again, with a hesitant grumble he surprised me: "I love you too. Somehow." I don’t understand it either, but I will count it as one of my blessings, if indeed it is my only one.

The End

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