Lazarus: Two Can Play That Game.

When I left Casey’s in the afternoon, the place had changed again. It was more like a town, and there were people milling around. I wondered where they’d all come from. I shrugged it off, thinking that it was probably something to do with Isis. I mentally prayed that someone would be willing to be my rebound for a night or two.

I wandered home and got out of the jeans I’d turned into shorts the moment the door was shut. I do not suit shorts. I pulled on a pair of jeans that weren’t destroyed in some way and waited for the evening to roll around.


The bar felt much better with more than two people in it. It was alive with music and people talking like they’d known each other forever. I threw back a few drinks and leant on the bar, watching the people dancing near the jukebox. I’d vaguely bothered with my appearance before I left the house – I’d shaved and put on some cologne so I didn’t smell of dog. I’d even put on a nice shirt, leaving a few of the top buttons undone.

I’d noticed one guy watching me. He wasn’t bad looking; taller than me, dark hair, a bit chubby. Kinda cute, I s’pose. I gave him the sticky eyes, looking up at him and then looking away slowly, like I didn’t want to be looking elsewhere. When he was sure it was him I was looking at, he came over and offered to buy me a drink.

It didn’t take me very long to persuade him back over to my place. I ignored his comments on how old fashioned everything looked, slamming him up against the wall, my lips pressed hard against his. Melissa might have been able to stay out of other people’s pants, but there was no way she could’ve expected me to do the same. I was far too attached to my carnal pleasures for that.

“You don’t beat around the bush,” he laughed breathlessly. I grinned, pulling him upstairs to one of the bedrooms by the front of his jeans, undressing him on the way up.


By the time I woke up, my one night stand had showered and left. I s’pose I did sleep in til the afternoon, though. I dragged myself into the shower too, getting myself all ready for another night out on the pull. I wanted to hook up again. I didn’t care who with. I just wanted to forget everything and not worry about anything.

And it worked. For a while. I was sat outside of the bar with this rather pretty young thing, enjoying a smoke with him. He was sat in my lap and I had my hand on his thigh, not very subtly inching it up to his crotch. We could hear some other guy moaning in the alley nearby, and both of us chuckled.

"Sounds like we're not the only ones enjoying ourselves out here," I muttered in the pretty young thing’s ear, making him laugh.

"Just stay there...right there," I heard Melissa’s voice whispering all seductively. My grip on his thigh tightened ever so slightly when I recognised her voice. What was she doing over there? Whatever it was, I got the feeling it was being done to spite me. Two can play at that game. I nibbled on the guy’s neck, drawing a moan from his lips.

"Let's go back to yours?” he suggested, just as there was a thump.

“Crap!” I heard Melissa curse.

“Not yet,” I muttered, earning a whine from him. He pushed his hips up in an effort to get some kind of relief, but I barely noticed. Melissa was running out of the alley, leaving whoever she had in there on the floor. She stopped, ignoring me and looked straight at the guy in my lap.

"Hey... You... swing both ways?" she asked, moving closer to us. He shook his head, smelling as thickly of fear as Melissa did of blood. His excitement had totally deflated, and I didn’t blame him. Melissa could be a scary lady. “Pfft. No good,” she kissed my cheek, running off into the swiftly descending darkness. I swear I could hear her giggle.

“What was all that about?” the guy asked. I shrugged.

“No idea,” I said, kissing him. I was hardly about to let her ruin my night for me. The guy from the alley eventually got up and stumbled back into the bar, muttering something in our direction about how good she was. I’d been looking for a night of fun before, but now I wanted something to take my sudden anger out on. I had the perfect tool for that right here in my lap. 

The End

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