Isis:: Don't You Forget About Me

You haven’t forgotten about me did you? I hope not. I do hope you enjoyed that little story about Melissa and Lazarus though, a cute little diversion. Oh and that Casey, he's doing so well fighting all those creatures isn't he? Some people have been quieter though, you must not forget them, their story will be told in time, be patient.
I took a break myself, Bantam left me in quite a tizzy but it's nothing I couldn't recover from. I'll just have to remember not to bring anyone else down with me like last time. But, it is true...misery loves company. Maybe I'd have to find out what Casey is up to later... I don't believe that idiot left me again.
I don't care that much anymore, he's left me twice, but this time it was because he didn't approve of me using my magic. He thought I was meddling. Stupid, stupid man, this wasn't me, I'm not sure who built this place but what happens here has nothing to do with me. A note to myself: remember to try and find out more about the history of this place.
I am currently taking solitude in the dunes. It was when that solitude was broken by a harsh rapping on my door I was annoyed. A man, looking a little worse for wear appeared and I sighed. Something had happened and this man was meant to be dead, it's easy when they walk up to your door.
"How do I get out of this place?" his breathing was raspy and I barely caught the words that spilled out of his mouth.
"I'm afraid, you don't." I placed my hand in his shoulder and sighed as his soul pulled out of his body in a bright white light, leaving his body to be a pool of sand blown into the Sahara desert. Many people don't know that the Sahara desert used to be plain land, the sand that lays there now is the dust from humans that pushed their life-span a little too far. Deals with demons, bargains with banshees, words with werewolves, whatever some people are jut unlucky.
I walked outside into the cool morning air. This place was a little boring, a little... incomplete. I think it's time I add my own little twist to this place.
I held up my arms and let the image come into my head; the small collection of houses became a village, then a town. I smiled and looked at my new creation. Spanning around the houses that already existed, were smaller houses, like suburbs to the main street. People then appeared, they were not dead, nor apparitions. They were real people; real people that I just picked up and placed somewhere else - more specifically, here. They thought they lived here their whole lives, I was careful; I didn't pick up people that others would miss. This should make things a little more interesting; indeed, this was just what everyone needed... At least the vampire would be happy, and a pack of wolves ran around the outside in the forest, they inhabited the house beside the vamp's and the immortal’s. Of course then there was Russell. On the opposite side of Melissa's was Lazarus' then beside him was Casey, one down from Casey was the demon and her mate. Then mine was at the top, facing down the whole street. The shop and bar had moved part of the town now and actually owned by someone, and, I left a something for everyone: an armoury for Casey, key supplied through his letterbox, hidden in the backstreets somewhere. A pack for Lazarus to play with... A familiar French pack. Humans for the leech, a flower shop for the loving couple. I couldn't think of anything for the immortal, I didn't feel he deserved anything but for me to reap his soul. That would've been my gift if Russell wasn't in my way, I would've killed him too, but I know it would've only put me in more trouble. So their gift is for my patience and their life - I’d have them eventually.
I looked at the houses and realised how alone I was. Anubis wouldn't have that though, he forced me to swap with him, it wasn't him forcing, me, really it was just him trying to give me a break.
So there I was, sat in the middle of a street -on the side of the fountain- full of creatures in my Anubis form, contemplating everything.
I loved him, I did, he made my life so much better and I could never be alone. I gained the art of magic and with it the ability to transform. Not only that but I had secure my place in a better place after my death, which was not assured. I loved him in the other way too, he was like a lover to me, when I sleep at night I can feel him with me. His breath, his warmth, now he reminded me that I was not alone without Bantam, he was always there for me; that an this was the only time that he had been reincarnated in a woman, so what I was feeling was new for him too. I will admit as well, to you, if you keep this a secret, that I have given myself to him more than once. Do not think he does not have his own form too, I mean, if he was to r like that here everyone would be in awe of him and destruction would fall upon them. It’s like the Christian God talking through his angels for the fear of why his almighty voice would bring upon human's ears. For me, though, I was a Demi-God and I was immune to their destructive power.
But no one knew who I was and hardly anyone believed in me anymore, my civilisation was dead as were the people that had faith. However, even if they do stop believing I will never die; there are some Gods around today that you have never even heard of.  I sighed to myself, getting up I strode over to Casey’s house to see how he was doing in his monster hunt.

I knocked, to find a very confused Casey stood on the other side; he looked at me as I tried to explain I was only here to see how it was going with his hunt, “Oh, okay,” he muttered, still confused, though I was not interested in why.

“So how many monsters are left?” I noticed Lazarus in boxer shorts looking for his clothes and smirked.

He shrugged, "I'll found out when they show up," my attention soon turned to Lazarus as he found his t-shirt. "Well... what happened between you two?"


"Hmm, okay, say I believe you then." I sighed, it was awkward, they didn't want me here and I couldn't shake the confused look Casey gave me, "what're you staring at?”

"I'm just wondering what's going on, is all," I didn’t get that either, nothing was going on... well, other than the bigger picture there were a million things to be confused about. I did offer him a book all about it. They bickered for a bit about jeans, at least, it seemed like forever, I was thinking.

"As am I, you have a half-naked werewolf in your house."

"He got drunk and shifted," a likely story, I’m sure.

"I ripped them,” he held them up and I couldn’t help but wonder just how strong Casey was to rip his jeans in the throes of passion.

I murmured something beneath my breath in Egyptian whilst picking up the key on his floor, "I believe this is yours Casey."

"Thanks,” he took it from me and I bowed my head slightly

"Should come in handy at least..." "I'll leave you too to umm... finish up then? Whatever it is guys do." There was more shouting behind me as I closed the door, heading back to my place on the edge of the fountain. It only proved my suspicions, no one wanted me here.

The End

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