Lazarus: Straight Guys

Thankfully this time, I woke up in my wolf form still. So I wasn’t naked in a straight guy’s bed, for once. Casey was still asleep, and there was no way I was leaving the bed. I may have been drunk, but I remembered exactly what freaked me out last night. Well, okay not exactly, but it was in his closet and I didn’t like it. I stayed exactly where I was, peeking out at the closet. It didn’t feel like it was there anymore, but I didn’t trust it.

About an hour later, Casey woke up and noticed me staring at the closet. "Relax, it's only around at night." I looked around at his smile and licked his face. “Eww.” I resisted the urge to lick him again. "Think you can scoot up a bit, buddy?" Noticing I was taking up most of his bed, I curled up as small as I could make myself. Only I was kind of still covering most of the bed. I got up and laid down on the floor. "You don't have to lie down there, y'know.” I gave him a wolfish grin, standing and wagging my tail as he got up with a yawn. Bane woke up when my stomach grumbled, and as Casey stumbled off to the bathroom to have a shower, Bane decided it was time to go into wolf mode. I bounded down the stairs into the kitchen, opening every cupboard I could get into in search of something to eat. In all fairness, I did try and get some waffles in the toaster for him. I was just a bit unsuccessful.

By the time Casey came down from his shower, wrapped in only a towel, I was surrounded by various shredded food packaging.

"...I won't ask,” he said, looking for something to eat. He spotted the mess I made of the waffles, “Again, I won't ask," he cleared away the mess and got himself a bowl of cereal. I scoffed down what I’d managed to get out of packets, feeling Bane’s urge to go dig in the garden. I let him get out in the garden and the digging started immediately. I hoped Casey didn’t mind not having any grass left. He was watching us from the doorway, but Bane was having too much fun to care. He scampered through the dug up mud, sniffing around the edges of the garden, checking out what had been around lately. And then lifted up his leg and started scenting everything. Being a werewolf is incredibly embarrassing sometimes.

"Don't piss on everything," Casey called and I stopped, looking up at him, watching as he drank what was left of the milk. I wandered back inside, hoping Bane was done with his instincts for now. As Casey shut the door behind me, his towel slid down and I got a good eyeful of what he’d been hiding. He all but threw his bowl on the counter so he could grab his towel, covering himself back up again.

Suddenly Bane’s playful mood was catching on. And Casey noticed: “watch it you,” he said as I contemplated stealing his towel. He watched me suspiciously and I resisted the temptation. As much as I wanted to, I didn’t think it’d go down all that well with him. I did, however, watch as he put his towel back on. He might’ve turned his back on me, but I was still able to appreciate a good view.

I watched him drinking his juice and suddenly I wanted a drink too. I pawed at the tap until the water came out, sticking my head under the flow.

“D’you want a bowl or something?” I shook my head, lapping up as much water as I could. He left me to it, heading back upstairs. Once I was done drinking, I followed him up, polite enough to wait outside his room, despite wanting to look quite badly. Once he was dressed, I went in, stealing a pair of his boxers. I had no idea if they would fit, but I figured he would mind me borrowing some boxers less than he would mind me walking around in my birthday suit.

I settled down on the floor and changed back, trying to keep the pained howls to a minimum. No matter how many times you change form, it never stops hurting. Given that I didn’t really care what Casey saw of me, I gave myself a minute to recover before pulling the boxers on. When I looked up, I noticed he was looking away from me. I almost laughed. Straight guys. Weird. 

The End

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