Melissa: Kitsune like Ice-Cream

Those blood bags did nothing, after a little while I craved for the feeling of fangs sinking into warm flesh. Then I remembered Lazarus and I almost cried again – this is getting ridiculous. The only human I knew of was that hunter, I smelt another but his blood smelt... funny. I’d never smelt blood that was off before, I didn’t think people had an expiry date... apart from the obvious one. I whimpered slightly, even though I had the instinct to bite through someone’s neck I couldn’t help but think that I wanted Lazarus’ neck to hold.

I had never missed him so much, it hurt, and I couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing right now. I pushed it from my mind quickly, whatever he was doing, it was probably what he was doing for the whole time I wasn’t there and I really didn’t want to think into that at all. Oh I couldn’t help it; I knew what he was doing. He was looking for someone to replace me behind my back, and as the proud creature I am, no one replaces me there.

Great, now I was angry and hungry. I picked up my long coat and walked out into the night, it was calm and that bugged me. Werewolves live in the forest, Vampires are urban creatures. Werewolves are dogs, bulky and nothing but bulk strength, we were more like cats, slinky, on our own, flexible and we have the weapons to disable someone if we wanted to. We seduce, werewolves just throw themselves on people. That’s right; we’re so much better...growl...Eugh, so hungry.

I walked up to the hunter’s door, knocking on it impatiently. I don’t know why, I knew he would say no. Why would he say yes? He was a hunter... and I was confined to a small town with no blood except that in bags. Look at it this way, could humans live all their lives on boxed meals? Well, yes, but it would be very bad for you. You need fresh food, fresh meat, fresh fish and I need fresh blood! There is nothing better than sinking your fangs into warm flesh while the hot blood beats into your mouth and down your throat...

He opened the door and I had to push back the hunger into the back of my psyche. “Can I help you?”

"I'm hungry,” I whined, my stomach growling at me.

"And you came to me why exactly?" A great question, had I not been stuck in a small town with nothing else here I certainly wouldn’t have walked up to the only hunter around and ask if I could drink his blood, but, come on, I’m dying here!


Metaphorically speaking.

"Because you're the only human here? Magicians taste funny, the other human smells off and... and... Lazarus... I just can't,” I hope I didn’t have to explain that to him, I also hoped Lazarus didn’t come downstairs half naked.

"Go feed on an animal. I've met vampires that survived that way." What, like those idiots from twilight? Or that vampire Louis from An Interview with a Vampire? Pfft, I would never drink from a rat... and I’ve tried bear:

"They're disgusting, you get fur in your teeth and the blood... it's not the same!"

"I don't care." He looked ice cold and I almost got down on my hands and knees, I swear to the high Lord I would’ve.

"Please!" He wouldn’t give in, not matter how much I pleaded; "I'm stuck here! There's nothing do drink you gotta help me! You said you wouldn't hurt something that wasn't evil... please?" He simply remarked that he said he wouldn’t kill me, not that he’d feed me. But, if he didn’t feed me, I’d die. I pouted, "Isn't there some other..." I sniffed up, something strange, something... gorgeous, "I smell other bloods...are you hiding creatures in here?"

"Not exactly hiding."

"Do you know what they... anything edible?" I remarked and then, heavenly words were thrust upon my ear.

"There might be a kitsune in the back somewhere. If there is, she's laying low.”

"Hmm... cool... Mind if I?"

"Be my guest," his guest? I would love to be your guest! I walked around the side of his house, crouching low. There was a woman in his back garden, a half fox, half human woman. I licked my lips, she would not get away, I had not met a Kitsune but they couldn’t rival my flexibility and agility. I pounced upon her, like a lion on a gazelle. She flipped, her claws scaling down my face. I screeched, my teeth swiftly sinking into her neck as she bucked and writhed beneath me. I drank and drank until she calmed down, eventually falling into unconsciousness. Werewolves tasted like chocolate. Kitsunes tasted like ice-cream.

“Casey!” I called and he appeared in the doorway. “What do you want doing with her?” I stood, blood dripping from my mouth where she’d bucked and spurted blood everywhere. I was also bleeding from the scratches down my face that refused to heal, must’ve been the magic in her or her supernatural nature but it stung like hell.

“Put her out of her misery, a knife to the heart is the only way,” I shook my head, no, that’s not for me.

“You do it, I’ve had my fill of blood,” I paused, “Thank you, creature.”

He pulled out a knife and jammed it into her heart, she wouldn’t have felt it and she was already unconscious... I was glad. I thanked him and swiftly left my stomach full and my cheeks full of life. It was as I escaped from the scene at the back of his house that I saw Lazarus leaving the off-smelling human’s house. He was fully dressed, which I must admit, surprised me. “Lazarus!” I shouted.

The End

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