Melissa: Holding You Close

I sighed, standing up. I didn’t feel pain anymore, when he jumped up the window I felt as if I just didn’t care. I was trying, really trying and he goes and just runs away... maybe, maybe that’s it. Maybe he just needs time alone, time to think or time to mull things over. I however, just wanted to destroy things and I did, gleefully.

I picked up a lamp and threw it, straight through his window and the window of the next door’s house, I trashed everything, but it didn’t help, I still ended up on the floor, head in my hands, blood-stained tears running down my face. Oh... damn it all. There was a knocking on the door and I wailed, picking up the nearest perishable, a glass bottle and threw it at the door. It opened and through my teary, bloody eyes I saw the hunter. “Get lost,” I snarled through my fangs.

He got defensive, “why should I?” Did he have a death wish? Whatever happened to “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?”

“Because, I just want to be alone. I’ve killed people before; I will be easily able to do it again.”

“You kill anyone and I’ll be on you before you can run,” I wouldn’t guess, I can run pretty fast.

"I feed off you humans, you think it's easy to just..." my eyes widened, "to stop that lovely heart beat with fresh, warm blood,” I wasn’t hungry, I was trying to freak him out, hoping he would just leave. I should’ve known better than that with a hunter.

"Yeah? My dad specialised in killing your kind, and he taught me everything he knew." Ooo, a hunter with a specialism interesting.

"Then go on," I rose to my feet, my arms out wide. "Try it. I've been a human, a vampire and a werewolf. I think I've had enough lifetimes." Bane ambled in, hoping I was gone I bet, but I was focused on this hunter. He watched me wearily, as did Bane. Damn it. “You are a hunter, are you not? A protector of the people?”

He nodded, “I am.”

I waved my arms, “then currently you’re failing!” Do I have to find a human and slit his throat before his eyes? He explained to me his whole ‘innocent until proven guilty’ thing. But this is stupid, what happened to the old hunters with crossbows and torches. I fished around for something deadly. Nothing but the key in my pocket, I picked it up, with enough force I could throw it into his skull.

“Guess you could say I’m a little different from other hunters.” Yeah, the ages made you weak. Was that what your father passed down to you? Bane growled at me to give it up and I dropped the key and to my knees, wiping away my tears. “Get lost, the both of you!” The hunter stared at Bane and Bane didn’t budge. “Go away!” the last syllable was drawn out a little longer than needed but I didn’t care. Right now, worrying about syllables?

The hunter mumbled something to Bane but I honestly wasn’t listening, I pulled up my hood and curled into a ball. I did pay attention to the door closing though. “Bane,” I murmured, “that’s the first time I’ve called your name and you’ve actually been here.” He once again did nothing, “"Is that all you're going to do you useless mutt?" It started off angry, but by the end it just sounded weary, tired. That's what I was, tired of all this, that's all I've ever known, was pain, what was the point. He whined and curled up to me, “Damn pup,” I murmured.

It felt good to clutch his fur, I inhaled his scent, resting my head near his, feeling his breath run over me. It almost made cry again. I had missed this, his fur: his pure white, soft fur. He licked my cheek and I sighed, just relishing the moment of having him next to me. I let my hand stay entangled in his fur, resting on his side. “I love you...” I cried, though, being sure not to let tears ruin his fur. “You’re so beautiful. So talented. I hate to see you this way and it’s all my fault I’m so... so sorry.”

The End

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