Isis:: Begging is a New One For Me

My house, well, one could hardly call it a house at all. When you opened the door you were greeted by a vast amount of sand, stretching out into the distance, the pyramids and sphinx all nestled together in a one room. But the room was like an eternity in itself: a door lie to the right, leading on to the rest of the house decorated in gold and jewels. Just like my home used to be, just like my home so many centuries ago. To the front of you, if you wish hard enough is a secret door, to where lie such dark secrets not to be looked upon by wandering eyes. To the right, Bantam’s house, just like mine, but so much different.

I looked upon my key, sliding it into my pocket and heading toward the bar. I knew that’s where Lazarus would reside, addictions aside making it obvious, I was curious to see, curious to find out, this place was starting to overtake Ocean Skye as my favourite place, because this place is old magic. This place is truly special.

“Hello, guys,” I didn’t smile, though I wanted to. Not the time or the place, I understood that. They both looked up, first Casey, then Lazarus.

“Are your misconceptions gone, Casey?” I moved slightly closer, but did not get into arms-length.

“Not really, but I’ll live,” I nodded, despite the busty blonde behind the bar, this place was so sombre. A werewolf, a hunter, sat beside each other drinking and the air still seemed too thick.

“And you, Lazarus?” I turned my gaze to him, expertly catching the back of his head. He took another drink and I sighed, “I am sorry... you know I am, I could bring her here, if you’d like...” a summoning spell, simple really... well, ish.

“You can say it was your fault as much as you like, she still left because of me. It’d be unfair on her.” No, no... it wasn’t anything like that. Not at all...

"No, no, she left because I forced her into something she wasn't ready to do. It wasn't you, it wasn't. You can reconcile... I can turn all this back! Just say the word and I can do anything you wish," this time, I didn't just bow my head; I got down on one knee, laying my hands open before him. This was how I show submission, show that your hands are empty of malice toward them and make yourself smaller than them.

He shook his head, “I was just recovering and she’s probably moved on, it’s best just to leave it.”

"How do you know? I mean... Bantam, he knew I was in danger and came running... can't you feel the same?" I murmured, standing. "Lazarus, please."

"No," he turned back to the bar, his answer powerful and straight.

“Let me bring her back for you.”


“An Astral-Projection then?”

He growled at me this time, his patience wearing thin. “No.” I snarled back, stamping my foot in frustration.

“I am trying to help you! I can turn back time and will for you; I want to right my wrongs!” Heck, I’ve used forbidden magic before, why not again now? When you’ve stepped over the line once there really is no going back.

“Why does it matter to you so much?”

"Because I did it out of spite when Bantam left and I severed a bond of fate by magic. That is the thing I despise the most! I need to make it right again."

He began raising his voice, "Well leave it severed! It's done now."

"No!" I brought my hand down in front of me, "my job is to right fate again, when magicians step out of line, along with when souls get lost. This one is very personal to me."

Then, he broke. A shout, full blown shouts, I wasn’t going to win this with just words anymore, I need to be forceful. "I don't want you to fix anything for me! What's done is done"

"But it's not! Lazarus! Let me do this!" He finished his drink and stood up, slamming his glass on the table. I watched him as he slowly turned, he tried to walk past me but I held out my arm, it touched his chest and I sighed, “Lazarus,” my voice was soft, unimaginably so. I was getting soft, more reason to end this now. He stopped and I sighed, I trained my eyes onto his shoes and whispered softly, “please,” I moved my hand to over his heart and swallowed.

I could feel his eyes burning into the top of my head, but I didn’t look up. His voice was venomous and I winced, “I wish I’d been allowed to die when I was supposed to.”

"It wasn't your time." Eventually the heat of the Sahara would rush through him, but it wouldn't be painful. I hoped it would calm him, but I doubted it. "If I do what I want to, if you will let me, everything will go back to how it was. When you were in the apartment, the only thing would be is that Melissa would be here."

He ignored me, "When will it be my time?"

"Not for a while, Angel." He said nothing and I lowered my hand, stepping aside and with that he walked outside. The hunter was staring at me, his eyes staring at me. I growled, my nose wrinkling up as I pulled back my lips. But my lips pulled fully back like a muzzle, the snarl reaching all the way to my ears.

"What're you staring at?!"

The End

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