Isis:: End of the Line

The Hunter.

He was the final piece, he doesn’t know it, but he was the last one to arrive. Perfection is the collaboration of two sides opposed, thus, he needed to be here. Bantam, however, is unplanned and this hunter is someone I do not trust.

Casey Collins. Lazarus Thorn. Morgan. Russell. Isabella Abernathy. Bantam Allieone. Meggan Greene. Aidan Bible.

The puzzle was complete, for now, the bus was carrying the only passengers it would. It did not stop for anyone else. There was only one last thing to put in place, a slight hiccup, but nothing that should prove too difficult.

I let up, asking if Bantam would swap places with me, he did so but with a question in his eyes. I simply told him that I needed to talk to the hunter. He nodded solemnly and I smiled, leaning over the aisle toward this Casey. “You, I can smell that silver, like blood and fire. You will be told of your place.”

He looked up at me, “Excuse me?” I was glad he wasn’t deaf, but I expected a little bigger response. Interesting, this is, interesting.

“This one,” I motioned behind me, instantly knowing it would grab Bantam’s attention and he would be annoyed at me. “Is not to be touched by your filthy, blood filled hands, okay?”

“Well, if he doesn’t cause trouble I won’t have to, will I?” He remarked. Good, he can spot a werewolf and has a fire in him. Perfect, I picked well after all.

I smiled at him, a wide Cheshire grin, “good, very good.”

He sighed, “Are we done here?”

“Yes,” I dropped my smile into a look of disdain. “And the bus is about to stop.”


The bus trundled along the road until it pulled sharply into the forest beside it. It drove on through the bumpy roads and large ditches until it came to a smoother dirt track. The trees were sparser here, the floor covered with beautiful emerald light, they kept getting sparser and sparser until it came to a large clearing. A huge house stood behind a huge waterfall, with smaller, but no less grander houses surrounding it.

It was a village; one house was further out than the others, connected by a barely trodden path. It was a more humble log cabin with its contents a mystery. This was wonderful, though I cherished Ocean Skye better, this was no less amazing. A bar sat next to a humble shop, not run yet but fully stocked with in-date food. The bar was also stocked but void of staff. Some of the smaller buildings weren’t even full; they lie empty and alone, but like Pandora’s Box the potential lie deep within them.

The bus stopped and I got off first, the driver announced this was the last stop and I waited for everyone to leave too. As each person got off I had in my hand the ‘keys to their future’:  Meggan Greene; a black envelope, Aidan Bible; a white envelope, Casey Collins; a red envelope, Lazarus; a silver envelope, Morgan; a green envelope and Russell; a purple envelope. Bantam got off after them and looked at me suspiciously, where I dangled a key before him, an ankh hanging from its chain. Each key had a keychain unique to their owner and some even had the keys to a store or empty building.

The bus disappeared, the woman gone too, dissolved into the ground below them. “What you have here, is the beginning of a new life for yourself. A chance to truly find peace within, of course, you do not have to stay here and if you wish, you may leave. I shall call the bus back to you. Do not find malice in this proposal, consider it fate. You were all drawn to this bus, you were all drawn here. The keys you find within will be yours and bound to you, the keychain will represent something about you and the key will be to one of the houses here. Listen to your heart, it will lead you there.” I smiled at them before turning, and heading toward the larger house behind the fountain with Bantam in tow. They were no doubt bewildered, I understand, I just hope they find their heart keeps them here, I hope this works.

Their future now was their own, all I dreamt for was peace – but peace was never found without war.

The End

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